So this would be my 1st journal entry, and um... it's a personal one. Okay, so there's this one girl at school which I really like. She's pretty much any guys dream.. smart, uncontroversial, has a sense of humor, gorgeous, has a good personality, and pretty much, careful. A girl worth fighting for. I have an admiration obsession here people!! Well, is it weird or not, well I think so, it's kinda weird to use the word "obsess"! Anyways, I spent the day the usual way, but the normal time of school is all over, when the last period of subjects (English, History, and Arabic Language[OKAY, Don't get startled about this subject]) had come. Our English teacher promised a film-showing, we watched "Pitch Perfect". She was having a great time, that's a good thing, of course. Man, I can't even resist her smile. But there's this side show dramas between one of my best buds, Raffy and one of her "ex-crushes", Jhe (this is pretty much childish!). Okay, the thing is my, bud here was talking to another girl for an agreement, I think, but Ms. Ex here was there, in front of his conversation with the girl. You see Jhe has a thing for Raffy down here. Dang, Jhe was so heart-lost and faced to her besties instead. I was really annoyed at the cat vs dog battle. Okay, let's label my girl as Pearl(See my sig?). The tension was lowered when the movie was going deeper until the series of scenes where the Movie main cast Beca shouted to Jesse. Raffy used this as a reference to the fight and said aloud a "Breaking Up" speech until our teacher shouted a swagger "SHHHH!". Our English Class was up, and we're still halfway the movie, so our History teacher gave us a chance to finish the film. Actually, I already watched this film several times, but who cares, it's a great flick and Pearl was there with her friends. After the movie, we need to go straight to Arabic class. Well, Arabic class went smooth, but when Arabic Class came to an end, the dogs-of-war were unleashed! Okay, Raffy was sitting down with the our gang of friends, while Jhe was writing a list on the board, entitled as "Steps to Forget Someone". The list didn't go off well. Spoilers Ahead

1. Find another one
2. Convert his name into a bad word
3. Think of all the bad memories
4. Forget the good memories
5. Finally, kill him.

Dafuq did we saw?!? Nah, I was paying attention to Pearl. I have a bar of clay inside my pocket and used it to form a word on an armchair, her name. This was pretty tricky. When the girls has gone out, I finished the word, Raffy erased the list and wrote a painful phrase, too painful to remember and share right here. One of my buds, I'll label as Harlem. Harlem wrote a finishing touch in the board "Today is the Death of Love" as a reference to the fight between Jhe and Raffy. Plus it was Feb. 14 that time!! Okay, one of our big leaders in the gang, I'll label as Looney(Don't laugh at the labeled names 'cause it's important to keep their privacy.. I mean name) gave a whistle, and said "Let's Roll!" Okay, we ran through loads of kids in the corridor until we were out of sight from our room. We saw the group of girls going in, I got my eyes peeled, then alas, I saw her. After a few minutes, we were kinda waity-waity outside so I decided to check it out with Raffy and Harlem. Okay, we used another different corridor to take a peek to the room from afar. I was damn nervous that Pearl would see me, nervous was Raffy too. Harlem refused to go first 'cause he claimed that he was only a "companion". Looney was at the other corridor, waving at us, then whistles came from my friends, I'll label again as Law, Dell, Sayan, and Bumps. They were all doing the "look" at me neutral Bleh, "You first, then!" Raffy exclaimed, so I took the first step, leaped back, then finally deciding to show up, I was hit with a barrage of cheesy lines by the girls due to, of course, the Clay stunt, they know my little secret. She saw me, and gave me a smile smile One of my happiest moments in life!! How about you, you got any of these moments?