Hello world and welcome to my little weblog. I am the BravoMan. Either you landed here by mistake or you got here from my profile. Thank you for stopping by nonetheless! Gonna use this as my intro page and update it when I see fit.

So for those that are interesting in knowing a bit about me:

~ I'm 5'8" or 5'9" on some days.
^ That numbers changes from time to time when I go to my doctor.

~ I'm single and I'm not complaining too much about it razz
^ Longest relationship was 1yr and was an offline relationship.
^ I've tried long distance/online relationships but none of them have worked out.
^ The reason why it hasn't worked out might be that I just need to meet the right person.

~ I currently work as an IT Supervisor and love every moment of my job (for the most part).
^ I personally think certain people should be banned from using a computer!
^ Most of the time I have to be like this:
User Image

~ I'm thinking of going back to school to get my Bachelor's degree.
^ Currently in the process of picking a school and how I'm going to finance the whole thing.

~ Sometimes I'm a bit plain; but it keeps me out of trouble.
^ Doesn't mean I won't try something new; as long as it isn't illegal/banned.

~ I know how to speak/read/write in English and I'm conversational in Spanish.
^ I only speak in Spanish because I'm terrible at reading and writing in Spanish.

~ Love playing Video Games! I tend to play them more than going out with friends. Here's a list.
^ Counter-Strike: Source
^ Counter-Strike Global Offensive
^ Bully: Scholarship Edition
^ Company of Heroes (with Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor)
^ Day of Defeat: Source
^ Dead Space (1/2)
^ Driver San Francisco
^ Fallout New Vegas (loved all the DLC; hated all the walking/running)
^ F.E.A.R. (1/2 with all FEAR expansion packs for the first one)
^ Grand Theft Auto IV
^ Just Cause (1/2)
^ Mafia II (with Jimmy's Vendetta and Joe's Adventures)
^ Minecraft (some nights I feel creative and play on this)
^ Red Faction Armageddon
^ Saints Row The Third (with Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space, and The Trouble with Clones)
^ The Sims 3
^ And I have a bunch more but on my Steam account.

~ I'm easy to get along with and I try to get along with everyone.
~ I believe that respect is earned; not given. You show me respect and I'll respect you in return.
~ I'm a computer geek at heart; I love working with and fixing computers.
~ I'm a relaxed person both online and in person; expect when playing an online game.
~ I hate smoking! I wish smokers could be put into a small room with their nasty habit.

I think that should be enough for now. I'll post more whenever I can think of something.