Day 20, Identity Crisis

We all probably know someone who has had an identity crisis, though that 'someone' isn't always a person. They are small, sometimes fluffy, usually hyper, and think they are much bigger and stronger than they really are. I'm talking about those adorable little dogs who have BDS or big dog syndrome. They can go from being the cutest and cuddliest things on the planet to vile monsters in about a second. Sometimes it's kinda cute to watch them think they can take on that big dog down the street when you know that dog won't hurt them but can be scary when they take on a dog you don't know. These poor things are going through an identity crisis, they think they are big dogs. Know, it is very sad to say, this is all our fault we have failed our tiny pooches. We never taught them they were small and couldn't take on a big dog or sometimes even a cat. We let them go out of control and lose who they are to their own fantasies. So please help the little ones re-find their identity.