well today ... was okay. it started out with some guys in the bus seat next to me dipping tabbaco and spiting it in the floor . u should have seen the slime pudle move across the floor.a great way to start the day.. i did get a late valenstines day present from my crush ,walker heart . we arn't together but we act like it . in band my band teacher let us out late so i couldnt eat brunch. and every thing was prety decent up until my 7th hour classwitch always sucks because some girls dont know how to shut up. stressed then i took the bus ride home walked the half mile up to my house andhad to start dinner only to find out we were going out to eat at mazzios. that was okay until i was told i had to entertain 2 mentaly disabeld boys. and I know what your thinking and im not making fun i have a mentaly disabled cousin and he brought over a friend from school.there in my room now playing my dragonball Z sagas game and i have went in there like 100 tmes to explain how to play but thay got it now.so here i am typing wile listening to the Kaaaammmmeeeeee-------- hhhhhaaaaammmmmeeeeeeee------------haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!