Well I might as well as start from the beginning, I was a bartender in this dive of a biker bar, I loved the regulars, hell they where my second family and meant the world to me, One day about three years ago a small girl walked into the bar while i was working, she called her self mew, odd little thing didn't look 21 and since she just turned 18 not long ago it must of been one hell of a fake to get past the doorman, but anyway, she came to the bar, she was really cheerful a little odd but i grew up around bikers so who am i to judge normal, anywho she was weird, shews my best friend now, well really my only friend but yea. the next day after a great night talking with mew, a five foot eleven man whith silver hair and blood red shades walked into the bar, he was very handsom, almost made me go at least bi just seeing him, ok off topic, well some of the guys took offence to this rich guy flirting with me even after i shot him down, well they decided because he could not take a hint they would remove him for me...... Scariest thing i ever saw, Big red went to grab him, the man barely moved and tore out his throat, he turned to the other two and grinned showing three rows of dagger like teeth, I mean sh*t thats a lot of pointy teeth f*ck..... they lunged at him, he stepped into it grabbing both of there faces and slamming there skulls into the ground crushing them.... The scary part, This guy didn't even look like he was trying, After this he turned to me and with a charming but frightening smile paid his tab, Left a card and left...... Bluesummers Corp was what the card said with a name i Will never forget, Azreal Onigami...... Since then the weirdest sh*t has been happening, I found out im some kind of freak my self, a Flesh eater i think its called and now I hear this mans voice in my mind from time to time..... Its chilling, Hell its taken three years for me to come out of seclusion with only the voice in my head and mew to keep me company..... so i have changed a lot in the last three years and im not sure of whats real anymore, but it will all be logged in here as i wright.