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Username: foxglove
Shinigami Name: Tomomi Anenokoji
Human Name: N/A

Actual Age: 594
Appearance Age: Early thirties
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Raging Lesbian

Height: 165.1 cm (5'5" wink
Weight: 52 kg (115 lb)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown - Right, Blind - Left

Blood Type: B Positive
Medical Conditions: Somnambulism, Catathrenia, Panic Disorder

Wardrobe: Tomomi wears a very revealing "jumpsuit" that her nieces have described as "Ultra sexay, but you look like a classy hooker" and "It's too revealing". It is a near replica of the executive forces' leader's uniform, though it is all one piece. It also tapers off with shin guards instead of the traditional method. This outfit prominently displays most of her assets...and scars.

Physical Appearance: Not quite a petite built woman, Tomomi bears the body of a maiden and battle veteran. She and her sister seem built completely different, though prior to Azami's pregnancy, they were identical in build. With waist-length black hair and bangs parted in the middle, Tomomi is determined to age gracefully. Her body is fit and toned, bearing almost two dozen individual scars. She has one scar on her face, over her left eye. It is with what struck her and gave her this scar that also robbed her of the sight in that eye.

Personal Information

Likes: Tomomi likes sweets in general, but ideally prefers chocolate covered cherries. She also likes spending time out in the sun and tanning while working, though she burns most of the time. Unlike her sister, Tomomi does not substitute, and instead resolves on working harder to burn off the weight gain. She also enjoys reading erotic manga, and in the past, read them aloud to her sister.

Dislikes: Tomomi doesn't like men. Not to say she hates or fears them, but doesn't particularly care for them on a whole. She dislikes fatty foods, and similarly dislikes electronics. She particularly dislikes her brother-in-law, for both being the stereotypical guy and an avid supporter of electronic goods. That and he sported facial hair. The ugly kind...and that mole he had under his right eye. Tomomi also dislikes "girly women", or the type of woman to order a man to do everything or fight her battles while she hides away.

Fears: Tomomi fears herself, or rather, the attacks she has. Prone to panic attacks and somnambulism, her fear of turning into someone useless is nearer than she believes. Related is her fear of turning into her grandmother, whom suffered from bouts of amnesia, and struggled with much of what Tomomi does now. As her sister suffers from Night Terror, it is a constant worry for her and tries to sleep lightly so as to ensure her sister's safety. She also worries about losing her remaining eye, not for the sake of being blind, but because it is the one remaining eye that both sisters have remaining between them. It would also mean being either completely dependent on Azami's young children and tying them down, or being unable to take care of themselves properly.

Yui Nakahara - Eccentric and amnesiatic grandmother (Deceased)
Osamu Anenokoji - Unreasonable Father
Ai Suzuki-Anenokoji - Estranged Mother
Atsuko Suzuki-Kurosawa - Disapproving Aunt
Azami Anenokoji-Katsumata - Elder twin sister, best friend, and original role model
Soujirou Katsumata - Brother-in-law
Natsume Katsumata - Niece
Yonaka Katsumata - Niece
Miyoshi Kiyomizu - Pupil, future boss.

Personality: Always a struggle and worry on her mind, Tomomi spends much of her time training young girls to turn them into warrior women. Tomomi is a hardened veteran, determined to succeed. She believes in character through struggle, or that overcoming hardships defines who you are. She has a great fondness for her nieces, and is overjoyed to see they display an interest in more of what she sees as "important skills". Needless to say, Tomomi can't cook. She does instruct the children as to what is good and what is not. This often extends to eating and other mannerisms. To her pupil, Tomomi is determined to see this one succeed, though she expects mediocrity, even from an upper noble house blood. To this degree, she can be seen as a pessimist.

Affiliation Information

Species: Soul
Ethnicity: Japanese
Race: Shinigami
Division: None
Seat None
Occupation: Combat Tutor

Background Information

Past Divisions: Second
Time Line:
June 13th, 1569: Tomomi is born eight minutes after her sister.
June 13th, 1576: Brought before the then head of the Kiyomizu house, Azami and Tomomi swear fealty to the Noble House.
January 1st, 1587: Azami and Tomomi enroll in the Shinoo Academy.
June 2nd, 1587: Tomomi is removed from the academy and enrolled in the Onmitsukido Corps by her superiors. It is also this day that Azami is transferred to the Kido Corps.
August 6th, 1590: Tomomi "graduates" and officially becomes a member of the Onmitsukido.
May 27th, 1591: Originally placed as a member of the Riteitai Corps, Tomomi is moved to the Keigun Corps. Tomomi serves in this branch uneventfully for the next one hundred and thirty years.
November 22nd, 1721: The commander of Tomomi's Corps perishes for an unknown reason, and is replaced with the current head of the Kiyomizu noble house, Hideki.
November 23rd, 1721: After a day's deliberation with his direct superiors, Hideki removes Tomomi from the Keigun Corps and installs her as the head of the Keiraitai Corps, also making her his lieutenant within the second division.
1721 - 1915: At some point during this time, Tomomi succeeds her superior and becomes head of the Onmitsukido and captain of the second division.
June 20th, 1919: Tomomi suffers a severe panic attack, raising questions and hospitalizing her for just over a month. This is but the first of many to follow.
December 9th, 1922: In her office, Tomomi is found slumped over her desk. She is rushed to the fourth division emergency center, where she is treated.
December 12th, 1922: After regaining consciousness, Tomomi learns of her diagnosis and the Hyperthyroidism behind her panic attacks. It is explained that it is the source of several other heart-related problems, and is encouraged to take it easy and follow a program involving her taking medication and receiving treatments to counteract her cardiac dysrhythmia. Tomomi agrees to both, though is unaware these symptoms will never disappear.
January 24th, 1924: Tomomi's heart conditions worsen, displayed via suffering a myocardial infraction in the midst of participating in a training exercise. She is again taken to the emergency center, where she is placed on life support. Her sister is summoned to make a decision for her.
January 25th, 1924: Azami's decision to allow doctors to perform surgery to more accurately diagnose and treat her sister saves Tomomi's life, temporarily.
January 29th, 1924: Azami is recalled once again. Her sister remains in a coma-induced state to minimize stress on her heart and stabilize her thyroid, though she is informed that this is only temporary, and prolonged treatment will have drastically negative impacts.
January 30th, 1924: After a difficult decision, Azami opts to have her sister treated with both iodine-131 injections and a prototype antiarrhythmia installed over and on the right side of Tomomi's chest.
February 18th, 1924: Tomomi regains consciousness and begins the recovery process.
March 20th, 1924: Tomomi is cleared to return to semi-active duty, though is informed that she will not be able to hold her captaincy position much longer if problems persist.
1924-2053: With the aid of occasional check-ups and minimally invasive procedures, Tomomi's health problems nearly vanish. She is still not cleared for active duty.
June 30th, 2053: Tomomi receives a summons from Central 46. Upon answer, she is instructed that she will be medically discharged from both Onmitsukido and the Gotei 13, and is to select a replacement before year's end.
January 1st, 2054: Reluctantly, Tomomi names her then lieutenant Shiori Akane to act as temporary captain and commander of the Onmitsukido. She informs her successor that this is temporary unless the central 46 and sotaicho approve otherwise.
January 4th, 2054: Tomomi is officially discharged, and moves back to Rukongai in a state of shame. She is told to periodically return for checkups on her secondary heart.
January 5th, 2054: Tomomi arrives back home and is greeted by her sister, her brother-in-law, and two nieces.
2054-2108: Tomomi readjusts to "civilian life", and spends her time either tending the garden with Azami or giving lessons to her nieces.
2108: The twins receive an unexpected visit from Hideki Kiyomizu, and his daughter Miyoshi. Tomomi and Azami agree to train Kiyomizu to the best of their abilities, and welcome the young noble into their home to begin. The two quickly become friends.
2108-Present: Miyoshi's training continues now even through her academy days, and despite her weakened state, is determined never to turn into her grandmother.

History: Tomomi Anenokoji was born at 11:26 A.M. to her parents Osamu and Ai Suzuki-Anenokoji. Her father lamented that not even his noble blood and heritage could have broken Ai's ancestral curse. This "curse" was a pact made by a long-dead ancestor, that in exchange for its freedom and a host body, it would grant fertility to the man's wife. It promised no fewer than two children for the rest of their bloodline. What was not mentioned but agreed to anyway, was that both children would be twins, and both would be female. This effectively doomed the bloodline to continually kill off other bloodlines, as custom mandated the bride to take the groom's surname. In turn, their own ancestry would halt there, and doom the groom's bloodline to dying off just one generation later.

Regardless, Azami and Tomomi were the nineteenth generation of Futago Bachiatari, or Cursed Twins. Ai had told her husband of this, and both Atsuko and Yui reminded him that this had been going on. He did love the girls, though as they began to age, he reverted more to his noble and slightly snobbish attitude. He also favored Azami at first...until he learned she had been blind since birth. He then looked to Tomomi as a potential successor. However, this would hit a snag, as from an early age, Tomomi held no interest in boys. Frequently caught undressing her sister and other girls as early as the age of nine, her bad habits never really did recede. At the age of fourteen, she proudly declared herself a lesbian and from then on physically beat up any boy trying to woo or court her in any way.

Four years later, their father had the girls enrolled in the Shinoo Academy, to develop their reiryoku and other talents. Secretly, he had sent word ahead to the school's administrator to keep the twins separated, as far as he could. The dean replied back he would have the twins developed in opposite branches. Neither would enter the gotei thirteen, but the onmitsukido and kido corps. Six months after their application and enrollment, both were silently transferred and were kept apart for three-hundred and thirty-seven and a half years.

During this time of isolation, Tomomi adopted and embraced the Onmitsukido as her family. Someone...something to cling to. No outside contact, no real friends. It hardened her to a point of being unreasonable. The only contact she occasionally received was from her parents, lasting only a year and a half. In the last letter she wrote to them, Tomomi shocked and spurred them, deposing them as miserable, contemptible wretches interested only in themselves and "the lineage". Her only words she wrote to them spoke so loudly and with that message: "I know. Don't write again." Her parents then began living in fear. Having angered a deadly assassin and defaulted successor to the lesser noble house, Osamu and Ai complied and moved far away. Soon after, Ai wrote to her sister telling her to move away as well. Atsuko left her husband and fled.

Over the course of this isolation, Tomomi was recognized for her talents and initially assigned to the Riteitai Corps. This was soon changed, and placed in the Keigun Corps. It was also here that Tomomi would properly meet the head of their ruling noble house, Hideki Kiyomizu. While they had been introduced prior, that had been at the tender age of seven, and centuries passed without interaction. Talented and having sworn fealty to his house, Hideki came into his own right as head of the onmitsukido and captain of the second division, and his first act was to promote Tomomi to his right-hand as head of the Keiraitai Corps and lieutenant of second division.

From here, the records are unclearly documented, but it is believed that Tomomi succeeded Hideki in both positions around the year 1915. Her lord had conceived a child with his wife, and had dedicated himself to spending time with his wife and soon to be born child. A noble child indeed was one to be carefully brought up. Leaving both the onmitsukido and second division in Tomomi's capable hands, Hideki would retire.

Most of Tomomi's captaincy and rule over the Onmitsukido was a peaceful one, albeit fraught with what she calls "her personal struggle against herself". In the year 1919, just four years after her succession, Tomomi suffered a severe panic attack. This was to be the first of many to follow, and a marked change in her path down life. Three years later, she collapsed on her desk. Her hospitalization and diagnosis afterwards set into motion her downfall.

Just two short years later, Tomomi had been in the middle of a training session of simple blade-to-blade combat. This was where she was most comfortable, and figured least likely to have any kind of incident. This was a fatal mistake, as she had not realized that her tachycardia would have raised her already high heart rate and overstressed her heart into having a myocardial infraction...or heart attack. Tomomi seemed to abruptly pause, her partner, lieutenant Shiori Akane, did not recognize the symptoms, nor what the pause was about, and followed through, expecting a fake of sorts. Her blade slashed cleaning into the left side of Tomomi's face, destroying her eye in the process. Tomomi didn't cringe, cry or yell out in pain. Instead, she simply fell forward and onto the ground. Tomomi had suffered a moment of periodic paralysis at the same moment, and while she was brought to the fourth division's emergency center again....her career was over. As soon as the report was filed, Tomomi might as well have bent over and stretched her neck out for the headsman.

Regardless, it was agreed that her life be held in her sister's hands, and Azami's first sight of her sister in over three centuries was that of a bed-ridden, comatose wreck. Of course, considering her sister's blindness, Azami could only feel and sense. In that moment, Azami never felt more alone. She could not reach her sister, either physically or in the theorized mental link that twins share. It was like being brought before a corpse and being told that this was her sister. Having it explained to her, Azami made a decision to allow the doctors to perform surgery and analyze her sister's conditions. She was escorted out, and was told she'd be notified if anything unnatural occurred.

Tomomi remained comatose for the purposes of monitoring her progress unperturbed. Her condition did not improve past the initial levels, and five days later...Azami was recalled for yet another decision. The options this time were to again perform surgery that might work with a replacement heart, or to leave her damaged heart in and attempt to address the root of the problem, that of her sister's overactive thyroid. It was at this point that the twelfth division stepped in. Having also observed, they had designed an antiarrhythmic device that performed the same function as a heart. They offered this prototype in exchange for data results. Either way, it was not certain if Tomomi would live. To this, Azami had to search deeply. In the end, she chose to give Tomomi the greatest chance at living, regardless of her sister's pride or future combat functionality.

Azami's choice was to leave the damaged heart in, address the thyroid issue with the radioactive iodine injections to kill off part of Tomomi's thyroid, and install the anti-arrhythmic heart opposite and over Tomomi's heart. The doctors and scientists were at ease with this decision, as even if her primary heart failed, the "back-up" would continue, and then she could be monitored for effective progress and receive treatment.

She would regain consciousness approximately two weeks later, to the good news that she would indeed, live and make a good recovery. One month later, and the doctors cleared Tomomi to return to light duty, or paperwork with an aide. This eggshell style of life displeased her, but understood why her sister made that decision. Tomomi was able to hold her position over both organizations for the following one hundred and twenty-nine years with virtually no symptoms she had ever had something wrong with her.

Unfortunately, her past had come back to haunt her, and in late June of 2053, Tomomi received a summons from Central Forty-Six demanding her immediate audience. However, when she arrived, they had retired for the evening, and instructed her to be present the next morning. Tomomi complied, and met with them at six the following morning. It was here that she was fairly bluntly told that due to her inability to function fully, she was being replaced. In no uncertain terms, Tomomi would be medically discharged and stripped of her positions. The council also demanded she select her replacement before the year was through. Haggard and on the edge of a breakdown, Tomomi trudged back to her quarters and wept privately until sleep overtook her.

Her search began the next morning, though she failed to meet the council's demand by a day. It was on January 1st of the year 2054 that Tomomi ever so reluctantly complied with their demands and chose her lieutenant to succeed her. Tomomi had no faith in Shiori, and remained convinced that both organizations would fall apart as soon as she left. Still, three days later when the council decided to validate Tomomi's nomination as a temporary leader, she informed her lieutenant that it was indeed temporary unless they "decide to make you their b***h for as long as they think you're useful". Tomomi was formally discharged on that same day, and packed her things. In what she has described as "the path of shame", she made the overnight journey out of the seireitei and returned home to Azami's house late the following morning. Upon her arrival, Azami's husband Soujirou moved to help his sister-in-law, though she simply dragged on past him. With her sister currently preparing the luncheon meal, her nieces dashed on scene. Bright-eyed and eager to meet their until now not seen aunt, they each took roughly half of Tomomi's burdens and things. The younger of the two, Yonaka, took to hauling her material possessions and opening the door. Her older sister Natsume, however, took to grabbing Tomomi personally, and throwing her over her short self, proceeded to dash inside and yell at the top of her lungs that "Dad" was home. Azami poked her head around the corner in an almost meaningless gesture (given her blindness), but recognized Tomomi's weak spiritual signature. Abruptly forgetting the food, she took hold of her sister from her daughter's capable hands and held her, cradling the near-broken twin of hers. Together, they cried and spent the day together upstairs. Azami knew that the day would not be ruined by any means. Between her eldest's boundless energy, her youngest's persistence and dedication, as well as detail to attention...and of course, her husband to instruct them; they did manage to not burn down the house and salvage some form of lunch. Azami here realized her failings to teach anyone how to cook. Yonaka was most diligent and probably the most level headed of the three, but an absolutely terrible cook. Natsume had no interest in it and would probably have jumped in and pretended it was a hot tub. Soujirou.....well, much as she loved him....Azami knew that he knew nothing about cooking.

The following morning, Tomomi left her sister alone and let her get back to her own life. She remained in the attic, unpacking her things and feeling sorry for herself. Her entire career...her life's accomplishments...gone. It wouldn't have surprised her in the least if her parents had shown up just to mock her. That was not what she got, though. Instead, what she got was an underwear thief in the form of her eldest niece. Well, both of them, but only Natsume was initially caught, having her panties on her head. Yonaka tried wearing them appropriately, though was too thin, and they showed through the slit in her skirt. It couldn't help but bring a smile to her face, and a nosebleed when her younger niece slipped them off to give them back.

Since then, Tomomi decided to live for the twins' sake. They were the future, and if nothing else, she could help raise them to be her eventual successors, or their success could be seen as her legacy. This continued for the next fifty-four years, until the year 2108. Tomomi had been out in the yard, gardening and tending the small patch of dirt with Yonaka and Natsume's...reluctant assistance. Upon over the hill came a call, and as her eye turned and squinted to see, she recognized it as her former mentor and still current lord, Hideki Kiyomizu. Tomomi bowed a greeting, then turned and called Azami to come outside, stating an important guest to see them. Azami, too, recognized the aura, and came running. They bowed deeply, though he asked them not to prostrate themselves. The twins had no idea who this strange and funny dressed man was, and Natsume bluntly called him a flamingo. Yonaka half giggled at the statement, and both earned smart cracks on the back of their heads for it. Tomomi stepped aside as Azami apologized and introduced her own twins and again apologized for not bringing them by and dedicating her children to the Kiyomizu noble house as her mother had done. Hideki understood and forgave the transgression so long as they would do him a favor in return. He would honor both Natsume and Yonaka as dedicated to the house, if both Azami and Tomomi would instruct his own daughter in the ways of the shinigami. Again, high ambitions...but understandably so from a much higher noble house than theirs. Naturally, they agreed, and made to open their house to the young Kiyomizu, named Miyoshi. The girl was incredibly noble, in both terms of behavior and appearances. When it seemed certain that both would be shouldered with a burden, at least until their tutoring would be complete, Natsume reached up, grabbed Miyoshi's nose, and dashed off, shrieking how she "got her nose". It seemed to break the ice, as Miyoshi dashed off after her and to "give it back". Yonaka followed after Miyoshi, and thus...the natural order between "sisters" was formed. Begging for forgiveness for her daughter's impetuousness, Hideki laughed it off and told them that he wanted to see his daughter succeeding Tomomi in her position before his hair fully went gray. Eventually, he parted ways with his daughter and departed.

At first, Miyoshi was fairly clueless, and frightened of her sword. An asauchi, as all shinigami begin wielding. Tomomi began by stating she was not to wield it until she knew she was ready. That much was simple and done. Instead, Tomomi picked up two sticks and held them out to Miyoshi, telling her to pick the one she wanted. They began by stick fighting. The sticks were blunted, of course, as Tomomi had spent the night looking for good sticks and then whittling them down to something safe to start with. This all was the foundation, to give her the basest idea of how to defend herself. Every shinigami had to know how to use and communicate with their zanpakuto, regardless of their talents. After about a week, she felt Miyoshi was ready to learn a bit more, and had Azami begin lecturing the child alongside her daughters. During this period, Tomomi did not remain idle, but began constructing ways to have Miyoshi learn. While Azami took the children through their paces of "communication" and "formulating" an image of their soul swords, Tomomi would teach them the more physical related aspect of being a shinigami.

Eventually, Hideki would stop by again and view his daughter's progress. He seemed satisfied that the pace they were taking was acceptable, and informed Miyoshi she would soon be attending the Shino Academy, to be more officially instructed. One thing led to another, and soon both Natsume and Yonaka were following Miyoshi to the academy as students as well. At first, all three would have to protest Yonaka's gender, as the academy was not prepared for a woman to be so tall, and had no uniforms in her size. While she attempted to negotiate that she could wear the largest size available and try to look manageable, it was decided that until a special pair could be fashioned for her, she would wear a male uniform.

Tomomi once again had a nosebleed at the thought of Yonaka in an undersized academy uniform, and that of Natsume squeezing her figure into the same uniform. To this day, five years later and present day, both Azami and Tomomi continue to tutor Miyoshi and occasionally, the twins...the twentieth generation.


Shinigami Abilities:

  • It is presumed Tomomi knows enough kido and is proficient enough in it to be a captain level shinigami, though does not use kido.

Purchased Abilities:

Kido: N/A


  • Hakuda Master

  • Shunpo Master

  • Master Swordsman

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Yamaneko
Translation: Mountain Cat
Zanpakuto Type: Melee
Zanpakuto Weapon (Sealed): [x]

Zanpakuto Spirit (Inner World Appearance): Yamaneko takes the form of an ice elemental projecting from the sky. Its head appears like a lynx's, and its claws are what form the land itself.
Personality: Yamaneko holds no interest in Tomomi, interested only in getting its meal and then ignoring everything else. (Tomomi is like-minded in that she cares nothing for others outside of her family or the noble house she serves.)

Zanpakuto Spirit (Outer World Appearance): Yamaneko appears as a two dimensional, were-lynx. When holding still, it looks as if it is merely a painting on a wall.
Personality Yamaneko remains unchanged from its original behavior, noting only that "walking on hind legs is painful and awkward."

Release Command: Utte
Translation: Pursue and Attack
Appearance: Yamaneko's shikai form appears as a single, long-clawed gauntlet over Tomomi's right hand.


  • Name: (No Name)
    Description: Tomomi can extend the claws on her gauntlet up to five times their own length at will. This also serves as a multiple bladed sword. They can also retract.
    Restrictions: None

Bankai: Yamanekosougi (Wildcat Strike)
Release Command: "Bankai"
Translation: N/A
Appearance: The majority of Tomomi's right side is covered in a dull segmented armor that plays off her shikai's form. Her left hand is covered by a much shorter claw than the larger one that now covers her right. Essentially, it is her shikai expanded. The extended claws are fully extended, and she possesses spiked greaves, though there is no foot or head protection.


  • Name: Tsume Gojuu
    Translation: Fivefold Claw
    Description: Tomomi strikes with every single claw at once, making the most out of the attack's killing power. Attacks in her bankai hit five times harder per strike. This makes any kind of blocking difficult against her to maintain.
    Restrictions: None

Other Information

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