Gaia's 10th anni is finally here. <3 I remember, years ago, when I used to try to imagine what Gaia would be like at this time. .... I pictured my MCs being worth billions. XD I never foresaw the CS. Anyway, Gaia has mixed the valentines event with the anniversary event for one big extravaganza. Fun stuff.

The event header is reminiscent of the early days. Click Moobie the hamster to get to the event page.
Click the pink Gaia logo (it's pink again!! * -* ) to get to a mock up of the old 03 layout. You can click the banners for 100g. (I read that you can click the three banners three times). Other banners link you to sushi error messages (and cheese, noodle, etc). Click the Moobie at the bottom right of the page to get a moobie plush grant.

The event will last for 10 days, one day for each year of Gaia. There's one free item to collect daily. If you miss a day, you'll have to buy the item from the marketplace if you want it.
We've been told that you can get a bonus item at the end if you were able to collect all ten items (one from each day).
This is my favorite part of the event as I'm more fond of the Gaia anni than I am of the valentines event. (I have nothing against Valentine's Day at all, I just like the Gaia anni portion more... as far as Gaia goes. :} )

Some references are obvious... and others a bit more obscure.

Day one - 2012 - 10th Anniversary Diamond Rose Corsage
It's in homage to the red rose corsage given out at the first user run event at the first Gaia ball. 2012 hasn't been eventful enough yet to get its own reference I guess.
I like this item because it's so simple. It can be used easily.

Day Two - 2011 -Formula 1: Ultra Satan Cat Face > 10th Anniversary Ultra Satan Cat Face
This commemorates the year that alchemy was released, ultra satan appeared, and meowbook took over Gaia on April Fools. All the recipe ingredients can be bought from the gold shops.
I can't believe alchemy was only released last year. @.@; Felt like 2010. And I'm not too fond of ultra satan. He became this instant mascot when he appeared in the November mock presidential debates between diedrich and friedrich. He also appeared in a comic around the same time. ....And then appeared as one of the special exclusive $50 items for the black friday sale. They created hype around a character and then sold him for $50 that same month. x .x; Usually I'm not that critical over what Gaia sells in the CS, but I found that one to be hilarious.
I like this item only because it's pink and it's a cat. Otherwise, well, I really don't see myself using a giant cat head. > <;

Day 3 - 2010 - Astra-65: 10th Anniversary Unending Lament
This commemorates the introduction of animated items and the year that Johnny K. Gambino "died." ...They say he's dead, but come on, that guy comes back all the time. xD;
I rarely make a crying avatar.... but this item is so theatrical that I can see myself using this. XD ....the unanimated pose though. I rarely use animated poses and I usually have the ability to see them turned off.... lag city.

Day 4 - 2009 - 10th Anniversary B.O.O. Skin
o _________________o Holy sh*t. I don't think Gaia will top this free item for a while. 2k9 was a good event. It was also the year that we had to pick a side between the overseer or sentinel. Both rather new characters.... (the overseer was out before then, but was just the clam found in the aquariums. not a "person." wink . You got a skin instantly for joining (soulbound. also a relatively new concept). The catch was that the losing side would also lose their skin. .... Boo lost and lost this skin. It was never to return.
But it did.
Wow. Awesome. I was more fond of this skin than the SIN skin. The face is funky but it grew on me. The sin skin never grew on me.
I love that we can wear contacts with this skin now.

Day 5 - 2008 - 10th Anniversary zOMG! Ring
o______x; This is another one of those "zOMG was released how long ago!? I felt like I'd already been a part of this site for ages when it came out." As of last year or so, zOMG was finally put on a list where it will receieve maintenance but no updates. Pissed off the zOMGers. Anyway, this item gives you equippable versions of some of the zOMG rings.
I like this item... but I don't see myself using it. It just doesn't fit my current style. I wish we had a pose where it is just the ring itself. That would've been awesome. o wo

Day 6 - 2007 - 10th Anniversary Bargain Bin MMVII DVD
> < This commemorates something that should've stayed in the past. XD; ... Though the vids were funny to see again. Many users were very upset that the item did not have anything to do with the year of the first EIs since they thought that EIs have done more to shape this site than an attempt at animation that most users now knew nothing about.
I'm meh towards this item. I think it's hilarious. It's also nice that it's a generic item to use with my outfits. ...It's just really over sized. @ .@

Day 7 - 2006 - 10th Anniversary Zurg UFO Catcher
This item celebrates both the year that the DC first appeared and the year of the big zurg plot. ...Those diehard zurg fans are disappointed because they wanted Flan skin, or at least a nice zurg item.... not UFOs stuck in a cart.
I think this item is cute but it's not my cup of tea. I don't use items that cover half of my avatar (or more) so.... yeah... It's still a lovely way to reference both things.

Day 8 - 2005 - 10th Anniversary Kiki & Friends and Grunny Invasion Game
This item celebrates the release of housing, the kiki plushie and the grunny invasion.
Admittedly, I'm slightly disappointed that it's a housing item only because I don't visit my Gaia home very often. It's an awesome housing item though. :3 And I'm happy that we didn't have a re-release of the grombie skin(s) like many of the users were hoping for. I would have been pissed. ;}

Day 9 - 2004 - 10th Anniversary Freshly Fished Sushi
Mmm a fresh plate of sushi errors made out of the release of Gaia's first game ever: Gaia Fishing. o:
So glad that this is equippable and not a fishing item. :3 Also, it's rather usable. I'm not fond of sushi irl, but I could see myself using this item in a themed outfit. And I joined this year. * w* I remember these errors well. I remember the site going down for no reason... and then two days later at least having a message that explained that the site was down for maintenance... and then it coming back up like two days after that. XD; ...Don't miss those times. <.<;

Day 10 - 2003 -

No commemoration of Booty Grab and aquariums? I'm surprised.

The actual event is similar to many of the valentines events from the past. You can sent madlib valentines out to strangers and friends.

Each valentine you receive is a "heart."
Collect one heart for a V-Day 2k13 Candy Heart Hairclip

Collect 25 more hearts for a V-Day 2k13 Candy Heart Top Hat

Collect 50 more hearts for a V-Day 2k13 Candy Heart Anklets

So all three event items are obtained after collecting 76 hearts from other users.
Every valentine after that will be worth one gold each. So, if you've received 80 valentines (hearts) you will earn all three event items and four gold. You must redeem your hearts on the event page to receive the items. If you don't, you could have 1000 hearts and no items or gold. XD; So don't forget to redeem.

Each message is sent out with a candy heart image at the bottom of the madlib letter. There are 34 different candy hearts. You unlock Object of Affection achievement for receiving all 34 different candy hearts.

You unlock Love Machine achievement after sending 100 valentines out to people. (does not have to be 100 different people.)

Some related GCD threads:

On the 18th, more items appeared in the TreeHouse. It's angelic and demonic sky items. They're a background that makeit look like your avatar has wings and is flying in the sky. They're not for me, but are well-made.

On the 18th, a Cash Shop item appeared to celebrate the iconic looks of back in the day ( Gaia Anniversary Flashback). I don't think they look "back in the day" at all. :/ But it's a nice attempt. I do like the ability to hold an MC letter. I used to want to be able to do that. XD

Here's a thread reflecting the " Gaia Anniversary Flashback" and how history is being rewritten because male avatars back in the day could not wear red rose corsages and yet they've given one to Gaia-kun. (Some comment on how the artist must not have been there 'back in the day' to know what the styles and items actually were. XD; )

There were many giveaways throughout the 10-day event. And on the actual day of 2/18, many of the devs and admins met up in Towns, zOMG and specific threads from 3-5 PM PST to give out prizes like signed shirts and posters (real items).
There were many thread-based giveaways that lasted the whole 10 days. The one I'm most concerned with is Sisky's. Every day, one poster would be chosen at random to win a prize. Those prizes were one MC letter from a particular year... and month of their choosing. So, on the 18th, someone won a 2003 letter with their choice of any item. O: Soooooo that means, most likely, a new halo came into existence.
(And if not, that person would be an idiot. XDD Seriously, I saw people posting that the halo is the worst item to choose because there probably aren't buyers who have enough gold/items to even match the cost. Srsly. They were warning the other people not to open the halo because they wouldn't be able to sell it. :/ .... Think about it. You can sell a halo for any damn price you choose. XD Say you only wanted a DT. Pick the halo, sell it for a DT and ports and then give away the ports or keep them. Who cares? You sold the halo. Anndddd... there are a couple current halo quests that I know of where the people have been amassing items for years... just waiting for any of the current owners to actually decide to sell... There are already instant buyers if you seriously don't want the halo. I know one thread is offering every single MC and event item since 2003. XD; ..... Anyway, I don't know what the winner chose but they seem to be a pretty well off exchanger already so I don't know whether they'd sell or keep. Haven't heard/seen news of it yet.)
Thread link though I'm not sure it'll be viewable later on:

Sisky's 10th Gaiaversary "Collecting Memories" Winners List!

February 9th Winner: of a Thank You Letter for 2004 and 250,000 Gaia gold is Twizted Child Eve

February 10th winner: Of a Thank You Letter for 2008 and 250,000 Gaia gold is KittenGrey

February 11th winner: Of a Thank You Letter for 2010 and 250,000 Gaia gold is The Solarised Night

February 12th winner: Of a Thank You Letter for 2005 and 250,000 Gaia gold is King Awesomolocity

February 13th winner: Of a Thank You Letter for 2011 and 250,000 Gaia gold is wilderness.magic

February 14th winner: Of a Thank You Letter for 2009 and 250,000 Gaia gold is suishohatake

February 15th winner: Of a Thank You Letter for 2006 and 250,000 Gaia gold is -i- Luciferian -i-

February 16th winner: Of a Thank You Letter for 2007 and 250,000 Gaia gold is Dark_Maiden_Queen

February 17th winner: Of a Thank You Letter for 2012 and 250,000 Gaia gold is Javier Cross

February 18th winner: Of a Thank You Letter for 2013 and 250,000 Gaia gold is iheartshrooms

February 18th winner: Of a Thank You Letter for 2003 and 250,000 Gaia gold is Cambrie Noel

Um, this thread has nothing to do with anything. It's just a new user wondering why new users are restricted for a 3 day period when they first join