I do not know when I will be on until my 8th Gaian anniversary this weekend, so I might as well do this now.

I remember when I was in middle school, and my friend blacklight told me about this website. I was not an anime fanboy by any standards, the only shows i watched that could even be considered anime were pokemon and dragonball Z, and those were more common than what most people seemed to be fans of.

So the reason i came on this website still befuddles me to this day. The only fact that seems prevalent though, is that it was one of the best decisions of my life. No I have not really had any life-changing events on gaia, but I have so many amazing memories, and have made some truly amazing friends, that this is an experience I would never trade for the world.

I have sadly taken far too many a hiatus' from this site, and sadly lost some amazing friends when i did so.

So here it is, my big journal entry:

To all my amazing friends I have met here, I shall acknowledge the ones whom i felt i was closest too over the years.

blacklight, JB - two of my best friends off gaia, and two awesome dudes who I am glad to say are still just as fun as the day we met. JB sadly is farther away, but Blacklight we have been close friends and will likely be for the rest of our lives, not to mention it is you I have to bringing me to this sight.

Kisa, Miko, Shadow, Fallon- I don't even know if you three are on this website anymore, and if you are i am sorry we have not reconnected. You were three of the first people i met on gaia, inside Shadows bar, and it was what initially got me hooked on the site. The fun we all had was unbelievable, and those memories were something that kept me going during long school weeks.

Joyye, Pyro- My Gaian daughters, though I have not heard from you in years, I still remember how this came to be, and all the laughs we shared. I hope you two are doing well, for you were wild and crazy, but two simply enjoyable and original people that always knew how to make people smile with your shining personalities.

Galaxykiss/Yunie- If there is one person i would love to reconnect with, it is you. You were my "online girlfriend" back all those years ago, but more importantly, you were a close friend. We shared many role-plays, and you helped me through some difficult times all those years ago. I really wish I could speak with you again, even if it was to simply know you are alive and doing well. The relationship we had is one i will cherish for many years, and is something that can't be replaced. And while I laugh at some of our many shenanigans, and how we went about things, they contributed to this experience more than almost anything else on this website. I hope you are well, and I do wish we could speak again.

Lyonene- You are to this day my favorite role-play partner, simply for the part we worked so well together, and you were one of the few people i truly finished a role-play with to the end we both desired. That role-play, that i know you wished to write into a book, will forever be the best story i think I can ever say I was a apart of, and it is a story i do hope you write, and one day I will pick it up in the bookstores, and know this was a story we shared very closely.

zombiepixies- After a long hiatus, you were the first person i met. We role-played some of the most memorable role-plays I have had. You are the first person on gaia I ever spoke to outside, via skype. It was nice to make a friend like you, who not only knew the Kais side of me, but the real side as well. I have not really spoken to you in a while, but perhaps if your interested, and reading this, we can role-play once more. You were always a better writer than I, but you helped me become a better one as well, and for that I thank you. I wish you all the best, and hope we stay friends for a long while.

Vyxxiz- My most recent friend, and one who I know I will be friends with for a while. Your a wonderful person, who hopefully will begin to realize how amazing you are. For some reason, I can't remember how we met, but I know we have been working on trying to get a roleplay together that seems to have failed every time. You however, i feel would hate to roleplay with me, based one the sheer amazing writing skills that you have. Yet you always say you can deal with it, and that you will try to help me with my writing, and I appreciate that. we talk almost every day now, and I see us become close friends for a long time. I am glad we talk off-gaia, so that should I take one of my many hiatus' I don't lose your friendship like I have so many before. I will speak to you soon, but know you are apart of this very special list.

simply put, I love you all.

Gaia, here is to eight wonderful years. I honestly don't know how long I will stay here, but I sure as hell will milk you for all your worth to me.

I leave you with my favorite quote from J.R.R. Tolkien

we all wonder through this journey of life, but know, there is meaning:

"Not all those who wonder are lost."

Take care my friends,