Now comes a time where I realize, you cannot stay a child forever. Things that I were ignorant about before--not because I was stupid, but because I was so young-- I am forced to face head on now. I cannot escape to the recesses of my own mind. Oh no, my dears, that's much too easy, and we all know that I take no short cuts. Let me weave a story for you.

Once upon a time, there was a crackhead. Not just the scary thin chick that people see and call a crackhead. No, no, this crackhead was an abuser of illegal drugs. Meth, cocaine, heroine, you name it, this woman has probably done it. Well, anyway, this woman has a baby. This isn't the first time she's been pregnant, nor is it her first baby. Oh no, she has three children, counting this baby. A teenager, a young preteen, and now, a year old baby. Before her young son can walk, she gets pregnant again. Everyone thought she had stayed clean of drugs, as well, I may add, because of the previous risks with her last child. (The doctors were worried that the newborn was addicted to meth at birth because of her reliance while pregnant.) The baby didn't have an addiction, but I digress.
Her family was wrong. So now, here she is, pregnant with her FOURTH child, though not her fourth pregnancy.
Oh, no, she's had many abortions, an abuser of the system. But she loses the fourth baby at just eleven weeks into her pregnancy. She's distraught, whether it be sincere or for sympathy, no one is sure.
A few weeks later, she leaves her children with her mother and disappears for 13 days. That's 13 days of not seeing her youngest and her middle child, for her first child already LIVES with her mother. The grandmother has custody, you see. Nobody can find the woman, and she refuses to answer calls. Soon, the grandmother says that she's calling the middle child's father, and then the youngest child's father (all of the babies have different fathers, even the third and fourth, whos conceptions were so close). The youngest's father doesn't want him, so DCFS will have to be called. The family HAS to get these kids taken away from the custody of their mother. She calls the mother and tells her of the plan, and then proceeds to carry it out.
After the mother is sure that the father has taken her daughter, she arrives with the police in demand of her children. The baby is given willingly, but the daughter is gone. The cops handle it, and say that the mother can have her children as long as she can provide a home. Upon attempting to question her about two warrants for her arrest, however, they find that the woman took her baby and ran, leaving her daughter with her father. She then calls her mother, after the father takes the child to court and gets permission to take her, and says that her mother is a terrible person for letting this happen. She continues such things, making her family feel terrible, while still refusing to come out of hiding.

Who is in the wrong here?