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I am the demigod of...
Adventure I have an ambitous spirit and in desperate times can call forth all of my will power for a powerful second wind which increases all of my physical attributes for a shortwhile. This is often used when on the edge of death. Along with that I often enough am the cause hero's are born on earth. If something were to ever happen to himself and his fellow gods it'd be up to the humans. So he felt heros were neccesary.

You May call me...

I am a...
Third class demigod

Who is also a...

I stand at about...
Six Feet Tall

I am attracted to...

I am about...

How I got here...
How I got here is a rather sizeable story, most of which will be explained later. For now I will tell you I simply had to embark on an epoch quest to get to where I am now. Whether or not there was a demi god of adventure before me I know not. But I do know this, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Before the Half Way House...
I was a prince, caught in an arranged marriage I never wanted any part of. And it seemed my adventurous way's would get me out of the acursed ceremony. The day it was to take place I was off exploring a cave which lead me to some old majestic ruins.

While exploring these ruins I came across an old artifact, a large mirror. Though when I touched it all hell would break lose. The mirror shattered as I pressed my hand to the glass, and a shard sliced the palm of my hand. Soon after I was attacked by strange creatures, which seemed to appear due to the mirrors magic.

I fought for my life that day, and those creatures would have killed me if I wasn't good at thinking on my feet. But eventually I made it back home, a nasty mess at that. As I got ready to meet my bride to be I noticed the gash on my hand seeming to pulsate everytime my heart beat.

Upon looking closer at the wound I could see, for lack of a better word, darkness spreading out from around it. Deciding to have a doctor take a look at it for medical purpposes, but it was then I would find that fate had something bigger in mind for me then ruling a kingdom.

The darkness spreading from my wound was a curse that would attract evil no matter where I would go. The elders of my kingdom had no choice but to banish me from my home and cancel the arranged marriage, which of course I had no protest. After recieving some supplies from various people in town who wanted to help me I said my good byes and took my leave. A bitter end to a new beginning.

While on my travels I began to encounter more and more of the creatures which had nearly killed me in those ruins the more my curse spread through my body. One day when I was being attacked by said creatures a passing hunter came to my aid. When the battle was done he knelt next to one of the sleign creatures taking a closer look, "I've never seen a manner of beast like this... What manner of curse has befallen you my friend?" he sked.

I didn't wish for him to know of my royal heritage and simply introduced myself as Yin before answering him that I did not know. Later I would find his name was Alferon. And he knew of a witch who lived deep in the wilderness who might be able to help me break my curse.

Having nothing better to do anyways I decided to take him up on the visit. The journey was long and ardjuous but evenntually we made it to what looked an old broken down hutt.

Upon knocking on the door I was expecting some sort of old hag to come answering though much to my surprise it was a much younger prettier girl then what I had envisioned. "Ahh Alferon with a mysterious traveller. I had expected you two for some time. Come in come in." She answered allowing Alferon and I to enter her abode which was much bigger on the inside then it appeared outside.

I lifted an eyebrow following Alferon in having figured she knew of our arrivals due to the fact that she was a witch. Before I even had a chance to ask anything she reached out looking at me, "Your hand. Let me see it." She muttered. I blinked a bit looking to Alferon who simply nodded in approval folding his arms over his chest.

Taking off my armored glove I held my hand out to her allowing her to inspect it before she shook her head, "No no no. Let me see your other hand!" She continued referring to my wounded hand. I blinked a bit more surprised as she pointed this out but decided to appease her putting one glove back on before taking the opposite off and holding out my hand once more.

She lifted an eyebrow studying the wound as well as the darkness that simply oozed out of it before looking to my actual hand print. From there she reached into a small satchel on her hips pulling out a collection of bonnes before simply tossing them onto a nearby wooded table. After observing the way they landed she shook her head a bit, "Your fate is a grim one young prince..." She finally explained looking up to the two.

Alferon's eye's grew wide before he dropped to a knee, "My apologies lord! I had no idea!" He exclaimed. I let out an annoyed sigh, "I am a prince no more rise..." I replied before looking back to the young witch, "What do you know?" I asked curiously.

She looked off troubledly, "When you touched the mirror you unleashed a hellish evil upon the world which will spread as rapidly as the curse which flows through your veigns now... And there is a possibility of three outcomes. You will become overwhelmed by the very beasts which hunt you, and simply be torn apart.. Or you will survive the attacks only to be consumed by the curse becoming very embodiment of the evil you have released. Or finally... You manage to break the curse..."

I put my glove back on folding my arms over my chest, "Right... So how do I break this curse?" The witch grinned eriely revealing a mouth full of poorly cared for teeth before speaking once more, "That be the challenge that lies before you child. There is a fountain atop one of the highest mountains in this world. A fountain said to only be used by the god's."

I nodded a bit, "So.. How do I find this fountain? What's more, what do I do when I get there?" She laughed again now beginning to creep me out, "You drink..." She replied before there was a loud shriek outside. With that the witch grabbed my hand again something had changed about her since she touched my wound. She seemed... Darker then before, "You will never succeed hahaha, the beasts of darkness will devour your soul!"

I was unsure how to rect this much was clear as Alferon stepped in pushing the woman away from me, "Back witch!" he shouted as I pulled back glancing to him though he was about as unsure as I was. Soon after there was an even louder crash outside before the woman went hysterical. "Alferon we need to leave!" I shouted over the woman and Alferon couldn't agree more.

Quickly making way for the door we were shock when we swung it open finding a massive ogre looking thing in a frenzy just outside the hutt. My eye's grew wide when it noticed us and again Alferon saved me, "Look out!" He shouted tackling me off the porch as it swung it's massive club slamming it into the side of the hutt sending debris flying in every which direction.

Getting to my feet I gritted my teeth looking to Alferon who now stood nearby, "It's an ogre!!!" He shouted before I drew my sword in a fit of rage and charged after, "I don't care!" I shouted jumping at the massive creature and grabbing it's back. It went wild trying to shake me off though I held tightly as Alferon drew out his bow and began to open fire on the creatures exposed chest pissing it off further.

The creature went into a rage and charged at Alferon forgetting I still clung to it's back. Seeing it was heading for Alferon I acted quickly drawing my sword and plunging it deep into the beasts shoulder causing it to lurtz to the side in pain before I finally yanked the blade out and drug it across it's neck.

Breathing heavily I rose to my feet blood dripping from my sword as Alferon looked on amazed, "You... You killed it!" He replied rushing to my side to keep me steady. Pushing him away a bit I flung the blood from katana sheathing it at my hips once more nodding. "Wasn't easy... I'll tell ya that..." I replied before a familiar voice rang out.

"Tread lightly young prince! All who touch that cursed wound will have the darkness of there own hearts awakened! Now leave here and never come back!" It was the witch stepping out of the debris of her hutt. I looked at Alferon and we simply nodded at one another before going on our way.

(Can I finish this later? I wanna get the spot before someone else does...)

What I need to Work On...
I can be rather reckless, hot headed, and even arrogant, but I have always gotten results, that's gotta count for something right?

What I enjoy most...
Good sake and good friends. As well as that I absolutely love any kind of dish made with rice and somewhat consider myself a contaseur. I love trying new things as well as new foods.

What I despise...
Being organized, I'm an over all messy person though I do try to keep my place tidy for when visitors come. Even though I hate cleaning, I much rather be off on a new adventure.

I have my eye on...
Hmm that's a rather personal question. Unfortunatly I can't answer it as of yet mostly because I only just arrived to the half way house. Though I'm sure someone will turn me away from my youthful ways. Just give it some time.

I can't stand...
Other arrogant people, haha typical I know but hey when someone says there better then me at something I know im good at I have to defend my honor. Just the way I am I guess. I always dislike being bored and often enough have my head in the clouds so to speak.

Where I resign...
My bedroom on the fifth floor. Room number 202. It's a comfortable space I suppose, though a little cramped. I usually only go there to sleep and or recover from a hard day. Sometime's a hot shower is just what the body needs.

What I wear...
When I decide to dress nice this is what I wear. This is a bit more casual however.
How Long I've been here...

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