De Primaterra Industrial and Warehouse District, Bandung Indonesia - Starting and running a business or enterprise must take into account of several things, one of the most important is the location. Location is an important point that must be considered before starting a business, the reason why it is important we can take a look at some examples of business that eventually shut down due to bankruptcy by a factor of location.

Talking about location, you do not need to be confused, because De Primaterra is ready to solve problems and provide intelligent solutions for the betterment of betterment of your business. If questions arise, what is De Primaterra? Then this is the answers.

De Primaterra is a business developed by PT Cahaya Sumber Rejeki (one of the leading developer from Bandung, Indonesia). De Primaterra consists of industrial and warehousing that fits 165 buildings that stretches over 25 hectares. Located in a beautiful area near the mountains that have been proven of flood free and designed with modern architecture, with the best facilities and building materials, it is suitable to be used as a warehouse and office for your business. In terms of security, De Primaterra specifically set up a security system that works 24 hours, equipped with CCTV cameras and one gate system. Best service had been given to your satisfaction.

De Primaterra also greatly understand the other inhibiting factors, which is the unexpected congestion. As we know, traffic jam is almost everywhere, especially along the city streets. But, De Primaterra which located in Raya Sapan Road at Gedebage, Bandung is a strategic location and easy access from Buah Batu Highway. And Gedebage Highway which is an easier access is currently built.

These are several types from De Primaterra itself that consists of several types of warehouse, but in terms of building materials is not distinguished from the quality, all qualified and are excellent products on the market, solidly against jolts, spacious areas and is suitable for all types of business. And these are several differences in warehouse size:

Yellow type: 800 x 3800

Red type: 1200 x 4400

Blue type: land area: 1360 square. Building area: 960 square

Orange type: land area: 2200 square. Building area: 1850 square

Currently, Yellow & Red type weren’t made.

Besides this types, you may also make a custom order. We will be able to provide the size you wanted.

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