I wake up in a chair that sits in front of a monitor. My hands are tied to the arms of the chair, my legs to the legs of the chair, and my chest to the back of the chair. A cloth is around my mouth. The monitor clicks on, and I see Adam, the president. Chris and Piers stand next to him. I can't keep my head up, so after time I stop trying. A powerful hand grips my hair, pulling it up. This makes my head come up with it. Wesker is the one behind this. He's showing off the head wound on my fore head no doubt,"Lets make this quick. You give me your top scientist, the one working on the antivirus. I want to know how far you've gotten. I also want to know where this lab is. Not to much to ask for the man who knows every secret I need to know and more, right? He may be able to keep from speaking, but I will break him after time."
He lets my head drop, and I hear Adam now,"I'll give you what you want, as long as he is given to us. I don't want him hurt anymore."
Wesker laughs,"I don't think your in any position to say something like that."
Suddenly, a knife scars my face. Over my cheek, I can feel the blood run down. My hair is pulled again, lifting my head, and the knife is placed at my face by Wesker's hand. I hear Adam yell,"if you hurt him, you'll get nothing from us."
Wesker laughs again,"If I don't get what I want, then he dies a painful death."
Adam sighs,"We'll sent you what you want. Leon, just hold on."