Non, non, mon amour, mon cœur.

Ce n'est pas lui. C'est tu. Seul tu.

Could you doubt for even a second that there would be anyone else? How droll.

But who am I to take the things you say out of context?

Who am I to take these things I merely hear for more than what they mean?

You fill my daydreams, and all at once I am changed. I have never been as absentminded in my whole life as I am now. I get stuck in my own delusions because sometimes I feel you here, sometimes you are right next to me. I turn to look at you, and you are gone. There is no trace of you here, because you were never here.

But never think you've lost me. Say the word and I am yours.

Ce n'est pas lui. C'est tu. Seul tu.