Wesker smirks, paseing the room,"We have to make you look presentable to the camera, which takes place in an hour, so lets not make this difficult. I ask a guestion, you tell me the answer. If you do this, I can promise that you won't be in too much pain to see your 'friends'."
He stops and looks at me,"Plain and simple. So, where is the cure being researched? I've heard of a lab that seems to be getting pretty close to finishing this, and as you know, I can't let that happen."
As he waits for me to reply, his smirk fades. I'm punched in the gut again, harder than the first time. More blood than before is coughed up, and it feels like he broke a rib. Wesker,"Now, lets not make this worse for you. Answer my question."
The torture continues, and I have to have ribs broken. The force of his strength and the repeated blows to my stomach, I can hardly stay awake. Tis is what he wants though. I keep my eyes closed now. Someone walks in. I hear Ada's voice now,"it's time."
I feel two men taking me down, but Im not untied. I open my eyes to hear Wesker tell them to carry me. Then, one of them hits me with the butt of their gun in my head, and I pass out.