She kneels in front of me,"I don't have much time. They don't know that I'm talking to you. We're getting you out of here, just hold out until Chris and his team can get here."
She reaches into her boot, grabbing a small pocket knife, and slipping it in my boot. Then she grabs a small piece of paper, putting it in my jeans pocket,"Don't use the pocket knife unless you have to. I've given you a map, as well, in case something goes wrong. I'll be back as soon as I can with water, and remember, Wesker won't kill you because he needs you. You'll go through torture, though. I'll try to do what I can to help you."
I nod,"Don't get yourself caught because of me."
She nods, leaving. Once again, I'm alone. I just wonder what Wesker will be do to me. I won't give anything away, that I can promise.
After hours, Wesker comes in with two men. He orders them to release me from the chair, untieing all of the ropes except for the ones around my hands. They retie the rope around my feet, then untie the ones binding my hands. Putting them in front of me, they retie them. Then, they put my hands above my head, and attach them to a hook that I didn't see before. This lifts me off the ground, and I'm now dangling by my hands. The two men leave, and I'm left with Wesker. The torturing is about to begin.