So ya, it's valentines day and well.

1st:We had a delay schedule in school for no reason.
2nd: I bought rose for a friend of mine who i wanted to cheer up. [ She's weird ]
3rd biggrin id my homework in homeroom read chp 9 of frankstein
4th:Took class picture in 1st period for year book
5th:Took test of chp 5 -9 in frankstein - passed
6th:met up with my friends between 2-3rd period brushed off some buried emotions
7th:Wasted 35 mins in gym with my friend. I didn't want to sit with certain group of people due to one indvidual who i did not want to deal with. Why? He's just annoying in childish way.
8th:Bought lunch a plain slice and peporoni slice of pizza they were awful. That and i put salt over my slices or pamijean which tasted like salt. even with out it it was terrible. So i had to waste 2,50$ on cheese sticks
9th: Walked my best friend to her gym and gave her the rose. She gave me a heart lollipop in which brighten my mood. Walking to my class saw another friend of mine for second she seemed to be upset but i brushed that off along with my emotions.
10th:Best office worker ever!!!! talked to my councilor for some college advice.
11th: went to 6th period, painted a bit and enjoyed life.
12th: went to 7th colored my train a bit. Graffiti train in which i'm drawing "The complications of a man" Metaphoric and symbolic thing, it has so much to do with me rather than the general term. ( i don't if i said that correct )
13th made Sexist comment to a girl who is awfully mean to me. Because i never get caught for doing anything wrong. like changing my seat..
She said " Oops " messed up on her project. my response
"That's something you don't usually hear from them." me
"What did you say?!" Her
"Cough" Me
14th went to 8th period, entered and went to some girl and said hi. Had awkward momment with her cuz i forgot it's Valentines day and i said hi in strange manner and with a pause. So she was likely thinking i was up to something. It was too late so i got up and just walked away. I was going to have random talk about the pope but i somehow draw to blank. I wasn't going to confess nothing if thats what you were thinking?
15th told my friend that i bought him rose but instead i gave it to some girl then i told him about box of chocolates i got him but i ate them on the way there. I didn't eat the dark ones. Which is his favorite. Though i told him i gave them away to some girl.
I'm just messing around with him none of that was true. except the rose but that was going to my FEMALE friend.
15th made plan to play DEAd space 3 coop with a friend. though that went to sh*t and it seems he didn't waNT to play so that bummed me out for the day.
16th played dead space 3 by myself..
17th walked around the house bored.
18th made Vlog and editted
19th This
20th About to shower
21st: Ending it NOW
22nd: I mean the entry not life.
23rd : hoping you thought i meant the entry since you know i kind of lead... Bye
24th Hope i made you laugh a bit.
25th: This goes to certain someone: to Fate born dec 27th or was it the 26th? 1994. If you are reading this, don't keep it a secret. You now know how 67% of my mind is; and how much i screwed myself up. I don't know much, but. don't really know why i'm even typing this. I'm Still going to beat you in that Poking war, one of these days.!!