I've noticed a lot of stuff people blame on Obama is blamed on Bush because Bush started it or Obama inherited it from the Bush administration. If you're sailing in a boat and you hit a coral reef that puts a hole in your hull do you try to patch the hole and pump the water out or do you hit the hull with a pickaxe to make more holes then blame the reef for it?

Another thing I've noticed is how some people blame everything from 200-2008 on Bush. Everything was his fault and he is the worst president ever. Blame Obama for making things worse and if they don't blame it on Bush they sometimes say the President is just a puppet and there are people behind the scenes causing this sh*t. When Bush was in office it was the President's fault, but when Obama took over then there were magic Illuminati forces at work behind him. Yeah makes sense.

I'm not going to flat out say either one was solely responsible or whatever, but this boat is sinking and regardless of who sprung the holes we need to make less effort pointing fingers and more effort fixing the holes.