smob can cause sooo much stress. its the fastest way to earn gold, at least for me it is. and i meet awesome new buddie and you can get together and smob with them more and know there good at it.

most of my friend on my list are either from real life or zomg. and for zomg its mostly smob or dms.

now we all know how zomg crews can go wrong. but the thing that makes me mad is even non noobs cant seem to smob correctly sometimes. ive seen people not buff, leeching, and lagging so dang much.

i say if your lagging so darn much, then you shouldnt even be on zomg. if your leeching, someone should call you out or have the right too, without being kicked themselves. and those who dont buff i see all the time, leader tells them, other crew people tell them, and they still dont.

i say once warned they should be kicked. unless they have a good reason, like if they had to be afk and didnt read what the crew had to say at that time.

another main thing in zomg is time. people use so much time to level up to be able to smob or dms. and it takes a lot of time to do those things to get farther in the game. so people should respect that. so kicking for no reason really pisses me off because you have a right to be here like everyone else.

but if your being a total jerk, or impaceint, or just moody, then yeah try to just ignore or even close the chat box. as long as your doing your job, you shouldnt be kicked.

zomg with friends is the best way to go about the game, because you know them. you have already played with them, know they will do there part as a crew member, and you wont fight with them as much. its just easier. so try to get a crew or even just once friend in a crew with you.

if people disagree, try not to fight about it. just try to make a suggestion, and no insuling. i get insulted a lot sometimes, and i dont really fight back because it makes them look like a jerk, and they will be kicked not you. leader normally sees who is the one doing wrong.

if you get kicked, and you feel bad about it later, send an apology. i do that and about 95% of the time i am forgiven right away. its a good setting feeling, and makes me feel that it is truely over.

try not to doom your self is something i havent quite mastered yet. its when your in a bad mood and have nothing better to do but play zomg. then your grumpy to everyone and piss people off. normally i do warn people, but when i do i tell them i am sorry and again-- send apologies. but seriously-- if your not in the best of mood-- try not to play because you might upset people, and some wont forgive you.

smobbing cvan be hard sometimes. but keep a it for what ever reason you might have. questing, helping a friend, or just earning gold in general. try to have fun.