It was daytime. My view was in first-person and I was at the end of the street where I jog. My brother was Bart Simpson and he was on a skateboard. He attached his skateboard to the back of a red van, which I thought was owned by Ned Flanders. I told my brother he shouldn't do this because when the van stops, he'll bump right into it.

My brother decided to do this anyway. The red van began to move and I knew that while the street allows at least three blocks to drive without having to stop, there is one part where it is mandatory for vehicles to stop to avoid accidents. I was able to keep up with the van.

The red van finally got to the stop and I saw my brother bump right behind it. There was a thud and immediately my step-dad came out of the van. As he did this to see what happened, he was walking around from the front and my brother quickly got off his skateboard.

He then had a large pair of scissors and tried to cut the rope to avoid getting in trouble. My step-dad asked if my brother was all right and I said Newton's third law, "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." I saw my brother walking away while he had his right hand on his left elbow.

For some reason there were two dogs, one of them being my step-dad's dog. She whined and whined, but I petted her, so she began to lie down and ended up on my right hand. I moved my right hand away and continued petting. Then I woke up.

I was at some location and I saw someone there from junior high. He and others were running, so I tried running along with them. I tried to grab his shirt and as I tried, he looked behind me. Then everyone was running up onto some garden. The wall was about the height of my waist.

I ran and leaped about six feet from the distance as I had done this before while running. I used my momentum and landed on the edge. Then I continued running and did a front somersault and landed on my feet. Then I tried it again, and then after that I did a diving PK roll.

Someone asked me how I did that. I told them I just rolled and that it wasn't anything like a roll one learns in gymnastics. I then saw a young Asian about my age, maybe younger. I did a forward handspring and he saw this, so he and I did some karate stances.

I ended up fighting him briefly and he liked me. He asked if I had any Asian friends and I told him no. Then he had some drawing for me and put it up as some hall of fame. After that, I ended up with some sand in my mouth. As I tried spitting it out, it came out as a fountain.

The sand was mixed with my saliva and it seemed to never cease. I was concerned with my breathing, but it seemed I was able to do this anyway, despite spewing out sand. I was also able to control the amount of sand. I tried grabbing on it to see if I could get rid of it.

I then thought of using a bathroom to rinse out my mouth. There was one close by and when I opened the door, all I saw was a filthy toilet. It seemed to have something living in the water like large microbes or pieces of feces. I didn't bother with that as I tried looking for another bathroom. Then I woke up.

I found myself bunched up with a group of students and we all had to read certain sections and fill in the bubbles. I was able to do this with one section, but once the time was up, I flipped through my pages and I couldn't find where I was supposed to read.

I looked over at a student and asked her what page she was on. She showed me she was on page 38, so I flipped through my book and couldn't find it. Then I flipped a few pages back and found the number. I became fed up with this eventually as time was running out.

Somewhere along in my dream a black girl was sitting behind me and she seemed angry at me for some reason. Once the test was over, I was angry that I wasn't able to find where I was supposed to fill in the bubbles. So I spat at someone and a piece of gum flew out of my mouth.

It was now on the ground, but I picked it up with my right hand and acted like nothing happened. I moved it around in my hand several times as everyone was leaving. Then I woke up.