Well...it's five o' clock in the morning and I'm really tired. I was thinking that after I write this, I will go to sleep which I will. Hmmm what to talk about. I don't really know. I was bored and I thought I could write to whoever reads this. Lol I think nobody reads this anyway. I'm like writing this for my own I guess. Go Darell! #1! Anyway I think I should talk about random stuff. Yeah ok. I'm realizing that I'm writing really personal stuff here=.=; I should make this private._. Even though again, no one reads it xD.

Well first off, the friends I have on Gaia. Most of them I have been really close to them before but now I don't even think they remember me. Maybe because I stopped going on Gaia without telling them and they just forgot about me I guess. :/ I have a few friends that stuck with me but it's not a lot. Just like three or four compared to like over two hundred. If your reading this, than thank you. I respect you for that. To the people who aren't my 'friend' and your reading this, than I understand. I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys. It's just that we stopped talking after. I don't know why. So yeah.... Not much on here anymore. Might quit because it's getting boring. Might not because there's one friend out there that I'm waiting for. Even though she's only online once every other month but I'll wait. I'll be here until she comes. Even if she comes online for a few minutes I don't care. That's how much she is a friend to me.... She was like my first friend in here? Lol now you guys know who she is. Message me who it is I guess? Eh...

School today. I don't know it was ok. We played basketball in Athletics today and I wasn't that good. I mean basketball isn't my sport...I know it isn't=.=;Algebra Hmmm what did we do in Algebra class.... OH yeah we took a test on the computer and we are suppose to know the stuff. The teach said we didn't have to know all the stuff but most of it because he thinks we are smart. Well except Madi. Madi is dumb-.-; LOL Don't kill meT^T. Third period hmmm Science. I don't want to talk about Science=.=; MOVING ON Fourth period. It was ok I guess. Talking about history and stuff. Kind of Hard but we watch like history movies most of the days so it's an easy class. Next up is Fifth period. Ms. Prang's class. Dayum. It's pretty good. We are writing letters that will persuade our principle to build a fast-food restaurant in our cafeteria because our school food is disgusting. Maybe writing this might help me with the writing. lol Sixth period...Spanish...No just no. Ok moving on Seventh period. My last period!!! Technology. It's like a free period because he rarely gives us work and we just get on the computer, doing whatever we want. Use our phones to text each other. So yeah, you guys can see me on Gaia during Seventh O-o. Now after school, we had Track practice. We timed ourselves in the 100's and tbh I thought I was pretty good. My best time was 13.7. All you fast people out there I bet you'll be like, "Dude Darell Your pretty slow. I can run that in like 9 seconds and crap." You know what my reply will be? "Well good for you. To me it's my time, not yours. So continue your bragging to somebody else." Anyway, I think that's it. Well I only have two hours of sleep so.... Bye I guess. DAYUM!!! I wrote a lot today O-o

-Darell Ferniz, DJ Blazze