Brent Staples has found Several ways to ease peoples' minds when, they meet him on the streets in New York City.

One way is to walk on the other side of the street. The Journalist seemed " ominous around the city at night towards the women " that he just met on the streets when, he was walking on the same side of the road. He just walked around the city, That he didn't give anybody of any kind of eye contact. He was walking down the sidewalk.

" Brent was whistling all kinds of melodies that was Classical music from Beethoven with many other Composers.The journalist just whistled Vivdadi's piece called "four-seasons" that made it sound like he was wearing a cowbell around his neck."

The Journalist "avoided any kind of conflict with any kind of women in the city, he just took a cursory look around the jewelery store. Then he just abide her a goodnight." Then the owner just brought out a red enormous doberman pincher. He just walked inside the shop, the woman remained silent towards the questions " That the journalist were going to ask her about the woman's point of view.

His idea of sounding like a "cowbell that was around his neck, like hikers do when they were around the mountain terrains that was know as bear country.