"Why mε? Bεcause you seen me whεn I was iпvisablε . . . εїз"

- - Hey there,

The name is Jess.
It has been said that I am a Vampire and even if this may, or may not be true I will never deny it; because I'm one paaaale motherf*ckah.
I'm pretty predictable, so never expect anything out of the ordinary.
The night, the clouds, and the moonlight are totally my thing.
I self-sabotage myself; I often convince myself that I'm not worth it. And I give up.
I pretty much lost who I was when one of my siblings was said to have a limited time to live. Haven't been the same since.
You could say I'm a night owl, a night owl that needs a reality check, and maybe become a more… lively creature that functions more during the day.
I am a very boring, awkward and confused person.
I can be a Debbie Downer at times.
But I can also be a very passionate, quirky and cheerful person to.
I try my best to see the positive, but my mind often wanders to the negative.
I think that no problem should ever be treated like it doesn't matter.
Either I talk too much, or talk too little there's really no balance.
My Papa is my all time hero.
I have amazing siblings, and the few friends I do have are absolutely incredible.
I have a very severe vitamin K80 deficiency, I may die from it one day. ; P
If you want some half-ass advice I have some to spare.
I have a horrible memory, so I apologize for that.
People often see a completely different image of myself, one I don't feel I portray.
New Girl is my favourite show at the moment. Nick and Jess are totally a thing, I don't care who disagrees.
I need more laughs, and happiness in my life.

Sincerely, Qali

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