***Im back to Resident Evil. New sort of twist on this story. Leon's point of view.***
A metal door slides open.
This wakes me up. With my hands tied behind my back, I come to the conclusion that they succeeded in capturing me. I feel a cloth around my mouth, and my legs are tied together as my chest is tied to the chair I sit on. I keep my eyes closed, until a hand taps my face, trying to awaken me. I open my eyes to see, Wesker himself. His signature smirk lies across his face. He rips off the cloth around my face and kneels, gripping my face with his hand and forcing it to look at his face,"Your going to tell me everything I want to hear. If not, you'll pay for it. I don't care how long it takes, but by the end of everything, I will get my answers Mr. Kennedy. I'll also win over whatever I want from the president. You, being the person he trusts most and being his closest friend, shall we say, will get me what you can't. So, think about this."
He smiles, then lets go of my face. I look away, then feel a strong fist in my stomach, making me cough up blood. I look up to see him leave. Now, I'm putting countless lives on the line because of this maniac. I don't know what he's capable of. My thoughts are cut off by another person entering the room. A small woman wearing a red top and black pants enters the room. What is Ada doing here?