I wake up in a hospital. Looking to my right, I see Ferus. He's fallen asleep, his head on Sherry's lap. She's brushing his hair out of his face. She looks up and smiles, holding my hand,"Your going to be fine. In time, you'll regain full recovery. Chris and Leon got together and made sure you got the top doctors. Therapy will be hard, but your strong. I don't think you'll have much of a problem."
I nod, realizing that my left arm is in a cast,"How is he?"
Her smile fades a little,"He was really worried, but once they said you were ok, he settled down."
I look down at him, seeing the dried tears on his face. She looks at me in concern now,"Get some rest. You need it. I'll watch him."
I don't object. They have me on so many drugs right now that I can hardly keep my eyes open. I lay back, closing my eyes, and immediately fall asleep