Sherry keeps looking around, making sure nothing is coming toward us. Aside from the one that had gotten to us, no other monsters have made it through. The others are keeping them back pretty well, for a while at least. Two break through, and Sherry looks at Ferus,"I need you to do something really important, ok? Hold this, and keep as much pressure on it as I tell you. Don't let up, no matter what, ok?"
He nods and takes her place. She pushes on his hands to keep the pressure as it was,"Just like this. Your doing great. I'll be right back."
He nods. She smiles and leaves. Ferus is now sweating, something he does when he's nervous. I put my right hand on his shoulder and try to smile,"Just relax....and thank you."
He nods giving a small smile, then starring at his hands again.
After a long time, the blood loss starts to take a heavy toll on me. Between my arm and leg loosing blood, I don't know how much longer I have. The others gather around me, Sherry taking her place back with my leg. I can hardly keep my eyes open at this point. As my eyes shift quickly from being open to shut, I hear Chris,"Take Ferus, and get him away from here."
Piers,"Yes, Captain."
Piers talks to him as they walk, but I loose what he says. Leon puts a hand on my left shoulder,"Aron, just stay with us. Help will be here in less than a minute."
Chris starts to say something, but I don't hear it. Before I go into a deep sleep, I hear my name.