For this date, I´ve planned a dinner, a very special dinner for my family, because even if this date is more for lovers, I want to take the opportunity to make it a lovely date for everybody. I bought this heart shaped pasta, and I´m going to bake a pink cake in a rose shape and finally have it all decorated with heart balloons and candles. Then I´m going to take pictures and hopefully everybody is going to have a good time so I can add it to my happy year scrapbook project that I´m going to gift to my family at new year´s eve. I already made the treat bags hehehe.

Ps.I discovered that I have mor fun talking to strange people than my friends...htere must be something wrong there with me I guess, probably I need to find new friends and a good way to do so is talking to strnagers right hahahaha. See you around and have a happy lovers friendship day! heart