Why did you choose me?
Is it something inside me you see?

Is it something that I said?
Or maybe its all in my head.

These thoughts and phrases make me confused,
And wonder if I'm being used,

Why did you choose me?
Out of all the fish in the sea?

Is it something you saw?
A vision that drew awe?

Why is it so hard?
The thought caught me off guard.

If that is what you believed,
I cannot let myself be deceived.

Is this a voice of reason?
Or maybe just an act of treason?

I don't know.
I just let my brain wander so,

This is what I thought
I think that what I have been taught

Has made me confused.
And wonder why I feel so refused.

I felt like one of the group
But now I feel rejected from our troupe.

But this is what I thought about
I hope it helps us out

Don't regret
Don't fret

These thoughts that made me confused
I now choose to refuse

I wonder now if I should heed
The threat of an impending deed

Maybe I'll just run ahead
Or maybe go to bed instead

Just do what you believe is right
And don't give in to fright

Less confusion
Will clear out the foggy illusion.

So I bid you farewell
And hope you prevail

In the fight against confusion.
So say farewell to me and the illusion