Gonna post all my poetry in rapid succession now...and just put the titles of the them here and then go right into them, so without further ado, here is "The Great Beyond"

Beyond the world,
Stars were hurled.

Beyond this infinite space,
There is plenty of room for thoughts to race.

Beyond one single star,
Up in space so very far.

Beyond this room,
Many thoughts pop in with a boom.

Beyond my thought,
If I knew, I'd be distraught.

Beyond the sea,
Where anything can be.

Beyond all sound,
Are any of us bound?

Beyond our emotion,
Is there any devotion?

Beyond our dreams,
Leaving us, or so it seems.

Beyond the seasons,
Does there even need to be a reason?

Beyond our love,
That tends to leave us like a dove.

Beyond our sorrow,
Is there always a tomorrow?

Beyond our fear,
People tell us what we want to hear.

Beyond what has been said,
It can't be heard, only read.

Beyond what you see,
There is me.

After story; so I wrote this in a workshop for school (well, a group of awesome people who visited our school) and we had about 15-20 minutes to write about "Beyond" so this is what came to me....