I became a tree and began growing branches and twigs. I could see myself in third-person, however. I realized it would be difficult to bend my arms and torso. Someone else was a part of me as well and I asked that person if he would mind all of this, since he wouldn't be able to move his arms.

For some reason I found that I could at least move my arm like an action figure, as I saw myself do this in third-person. I then said, "We are all connected", so that the person I was speaking to wouldn't worry about being incapable of moving.

Then I was with my brother and it was nighttime. We were walking down a path that leads to a street and where Vons would be to the right. There were many trees on our left and right side. While we walked, I looked behind me and saw a shadowy figure holding a lawn mower off the ground with his right hand like one might hold a lantern.

My brother became scared and began running, but he didn't go far because I wasn't running with him. He told me the man had a chainsaw, so I looked behind me again and he was still holding the lawn mower while also holding a chainsaw in his left hand.

We began to run and we ended up at someone's house. Some person whom I had seen last night while I was out was in my dream. He told me, "The door is locked" as the man was approaching. I twisted the door knob and entered the house anyway.

There were two stairways, one on the right and one on the left. I went to my right and went up the stairs. Then I opened a door in the center and saw more stairs in the next room. I went up those stairs, too. An Asian woman and a Mexican man told me to come back.

I went back back, but was still upstairs. The Mexican told me I didn't have to be afraid of the man chasing me. I noticed a puddle, which I had presumably made and thought he might step in it. So I went to the first floor and we began to dry the puddle.

While we did this, the Mexican began telling me about his son, telling me he was 20 and that he had moved out. It made me wonder about my life. I tried drying up the water with a paper towel, but it couldn't absorb enough water. So I tried again with more paper towels, but I accidentally moved some water to my right.

The Mexican noticed this and said, "Oops." I managed to absorb the water, which was now soapy. I did this by rinsing out my paper towel into a white buck and began to take in more. Then for some reason a friend named Olin standing in the water with some fragments of something.

I asked him to move so I could get more water and he did. I ended up at my previous house in my bedroom. My brother and another friend named Bryan was also with me. I could hear Olin speaking to some love interest of his, although I didn't see him.

My brother got up and began to say something about this love interest, speaking well of her and saying the same thing over and over again. I turned to Bryan and told him that this was dumb.

For some reason in my dream I was feeling nauseated. I began to grow grass on my skin. There seemed to be a patch of it on me, but I don't recall where. Then there was some other part that involved 007: Agent Under Fire. Then I woke up.

I entered a building with my brother and two friends. We were not supposed to be there because we didn't pay to get in. I went with some lady in front of me and one friend grabbed on my back to show that he was with me. As I entered, someone who worked there took my friend and told him he couldn't enter.

My friend Mike said, "I'm with him", but they still didn't let him enter. He called out to me, but I gave a gesture to tell him I couldn't do anything to help. Once I was inside, I began to eat a slice of pink cake, and then I ate a slice of blue cake. After I did this, I thought about how much saturated fat was in these and I worried.

I began to realize that I stood out from the rest of the crowd, as did my brother and friends. It seemed everyone else was wearing formal wear while I looked casual. I started to leave, but not in the way I came in. I went to some other location ahead of me. My brother, Mike, and my friend seemed to be stuck.

They would lift their right leg and try to pass this area, but they couldn't. It was as if they had a device on their legs like a shopping cart has that device to prevent it from leaving the lot. I tried this as well and I couldn't move my leg past it, either. So I went around.

There was someone who worked at the place and he knew I shouldn't be there because I couldn't pass. For some reason I tried to reach my hand out toward him as he was behind some blue, transparent frame. I was able to pass my hand through and it created a ripple like water.

I walked forward just a bit and then turned to my left and still saw the same kind of blue frame. The man's face was like the center face of an image of three members of Meat Beat Manifesto. Then I woke up.

I was with a group of people and there was someone who worked at this area. I felt that for some reason he felt like he needed to pick on me. I got fed up with it and asked him why he did this all the time to me. I wanted to speak to the employer to tell him or her about this employee's behavior.

Once this employee let us all inside, I began to look for the employer. I asked two people who worked there if they knew their employer's name. So I eventually found someone named Paul. I went into his office and began to tell him about his employee.

At this time, I could hear the employee's voice trying to tell his employer something so as to make his punishment lenient, but it didn't seem his employer was persuaded, so I gave Paul my case. I don't recall what happened, except that I woke up.