Day 18, Irony

Irony is something oh so simple and yet oh so complicated. There is one thing, though, that is very ironic all by itself without any help. That irony is lust. Now some lust turns out to not be ironic and actually has backing, but only with a lot of work. It is something we start feeling the hints of as children with crushes and puppy love that cute fluttering of our hearts when a cute boy or girl walks by. As we grow it becomes more serious and more and more people act on it without thinking about it and here spawns the irony. This lust can blind us to everything about someone except for what originally drew us to them, thinking that they are perfect when they aren't, just like everyone else. It can blind us for a really long time and through some really strange and powerful things, and we think we are in love. It is when the lust fades that either truth or irony is revealed to us. When the lust fades, you could be staring at the love of your life, someone you truly want to spend the rest of eternity with no matter their flaws. Or you could be staring at someone you realize that you hate everything about. Every thin that was being covered up by that lust could be everything you hate in a person and you were with them, you thought you loved them. That is the irony of lust.