To kick off this journal I figured I'd start with a personal favorite of mine that my English teacher was not good because, and I quote "Nobody uses rhyming poetry anymore." Well, I guess I'm nobody, my first poem that I will post is called "The Power of Music"

Sitting in my room,
In a world with lots of gloom.

Wondering what will make me happy,
I know this sounds kind of sappy.

But music fills me up with bliss,
Nothing yet has disproved this.

Music changed lives,
Rock, classic, rap, and even the old school jives.

Hip-hop, country, techno, and metal,
All help my emotions to settle.

Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Three Days Grace,
All I love cause they're in your face.

Music inspires many emotions,
Inspires me because of their devotions.

Nothing is more inspiring,
And leaves people desiring.

Than that beauteous sound,
That music, to which people are bound.

Music has powers,
Like focus, so work doesn't take hours.

Music makes work fun,
So you actually get work done.

If I may be so bold,
Allowing MP3's would increase grades tenfold.

Music helps people focus,
Many work places play music, did you notice?

So why don't we?
We don't because the members of the school board disagree.

Work would increase I believe,
And the goals we want to, we will achieve.

Nothing better to help with strife,
Than music which can change your life.