Aron! Aron!
I wake up to his voice. Opening my eyes, Leon is in front of me,"Hold on, we're going to get you out of here."
I nod, the blow to my head not as sovear as last time. It has made me lightheaded now, though. I feel a sharp pain in my arm. Looking to my left, I see that something has impaired it. I can feel the thing deep in my shoulder. Looking up at Leon, I see the scars and bruises on his face from jumping out. Voices behind me are calling Piers, Chris is. I see him carry The unconscious Piers out of the car as I look behind me. Jake is on my other side. Leon,"We can't take the metal out without him loosing too much blood. You think you can do something?"
Jake moves toward me, putting his one arm on the seat behind me, the other grabbing the metal,"Yeah, just hold him steady."
What exactly is he thinking? Leon grabs my right arm and left side, steadying me. Jake pulls the metal out of the wall, making it shift in my body. I yell, because it has moved down in my arm and shoulder. Leon does his best to prevent the metal from moving in me more, which he does well. Jake bends the metal, I don't see how this is even possible, to where it won't be pushed farther into me. The two help me inch out of the vehicle and onto my feet. I'm slow at first, being dizzy from standing straight, but I soon get a hold of myself. The two help me steady myself, and help me sit against a tree where the others have gathered. I'm guessing they took out that monster as well. I look for Ferus who runs to me before I can see him. He falls on me, hugging me tightly, and avoiding my arm. I wrap my right arm around him,"are you alright? I'm sorry I pushed you out. I didn't want you to get hurt."
He shakes his head,"It's ok Daddy."