Adorable Anonymous Messages!

Dear Alternian, you're a treasure to me.
The brightest eyes I'll ever see.
You have such spunk in all you do.
I wish to see a smile from you.
I've worked up my courage. I've tried my best.
I know I'm sillier than the rest.
So please, take this small gift from me.
Nothing can compare to your greatness, truly.

~Silly Sender

I'm no good with poems or any of that romantic junk... I had a box of chocolates, but I kind of ate it before I got here. Sorry. ...Can I just say I think you're cool and be done with it? Cool? Cool.

~Mr. Monster Guy

XD I never thought I'd get a 'this is the best thing ever everyone go home' another accomplishment on my list I can check off ^^
I'm so glad you enjoyed it I honestly wasn't sure but it fit pretty well ^^

Hello kitty
did anyone mention you are so pretty?
your face is so squishy
here is a fishy
lets get together sometime
and we can have some good fun time :3
P.S. I am a mouse.
--Monsieur Blanc--

Dearest Alternian, I know that you love ghost hunting. Don't ask me how I know, if you knew then it would only get you into more danger. Yet, I hate to just run off without some kind of explanation, so, I hope this will do for now.

On my back from running some errands around Gaia, I across a very strange house. It looked empty, yet when I took a peek through the window, that's when I saw it...a strange white floating something. Before I knew what was happening I was walking inside.

Upon gathering control of my body at last I searched the house dear Alternian, and to my surprise I came across this. Perhaps it was what saw through the window...but I doubt it. I swear someone was watching me as I left with the gift under my arm. I believe they wanted me to give it to you. I'm not sure why, but I do hope that you like it. Whatever it may be.

With love,

Pink Candied Anon

You're cuddled up in bed reading a book. The hour is late, and sleep begins to settle over you. You place a bookmark on the page you are at and decide to watch a little TV before you go to sleep.

"Hello I am Steven Colbert and this, is the Colbert Report!" You hear the chanting and applaud of many happy viewers as Steven smiles and waves at everyone. "Alright tonight I'll be talking to Morgan Freeman, about his new-" just then the picture cuts out, and is replaced by nothing more than static.

"Stupid Cable Company..." you say to yourself. You decide to turn the TV off now, and rest your head into your pillow for a good night sleep.

Your eyes open sluggishly, as your sleep is later interrupted by a noise ringing throughout your room. You look around sleepishly and find that your TV is on, static echoing in your room.

"I thought I turned that off..." you say to yourself. You reach for the remote and turn the TV off again. As you go to rest your head on your pillow, you hear a loud smash echo from the hallway. "What was that?" you ask yourself, feeling a little alarmed. You quietly get out of bed, and head for your door. You tip-toe into the hallway, trying to find the source of the noise. "It sounded like it came from the kitchen..." you say to yourself, as you turn the corner in the hallway and walk carefully into the kitchen. You notice a shattered dish on the ground, and you feel a bit of fear well up inside you. Your eyes quickly begin scanning the room, trying to spot something out of place in the dark, when suddenly something leaps out of the shadows. You let out a surprised scream and jump back, as a mouse scurries out of the kitchen. "Rotten vermin!" you shout angrily at the mouse.

You decide to go get a trap from the basement before heading back to bed. As you walk to the door you mutter to yourself "Rotten pest! I can't wait to get rid of you". Just then, you hear a faint whisper in your ear "I was going to say the same about you..." You quickly turn around, your heart skipping a beat, but see nothing but the dark hallway behind you. You shake your head, and leave it to your imagination; after all, you had just been scared half to death by a mouse.

You make your way down the stairs carefully and go to the corner where you keep the boxes. You find one labeled "Pest Control" and pull it off the shelf and look inside.
"What...what is this?" you ask yourself, as you find nothing more than a large rope in the box. "This isn't going to help me catch a mouse!" you say to yourself as you put the box back on the shelf. As you turn to leave, you hear the voice whisper into your ear again, sounding more threatening this time, "That rope is perfect for removing large pests..."

You look around frantically, and shout into the dark "WHO IS THERE!?!" but you hear no reply. You begin to shake a little from fear, but decide that all you need is to go back to sleep. You quickly make your way back up the stairs, and lock the basement door behind yourself. You begin walking down the hallway, your shadow stretching along the ground, when suddenly you begin to feel dizzy. You lean against the wall for support when you hear the whisper, once again in your ears.

"You won't escape me pest!" You look around, terrified and furious now.

"SHOW YOURSELF!" you shout.

Suddenly, your shadow begins stretching further and further along the floor, reaching up the wall and to the ceiling. At first, you believe this to be nothing more than a trick of the light, but you soon realize you are wrong. Your shadow begins manifesting itself into a physical form.

Your shadow turns to face you and smiles as it speaks, "Hello...pest". Your immediate instinct is to run, but your legs, they refuse to move. Your shadow now slowly walks over to you, an arm outstretched as it reaches for you. You want to push it away, but you cannot gather the strength to lift your arms. Your shadow has you paralyzed on the spot, unable to do any more than watch. As your shadow approaches you, it begins to gently stroke your cheek with its hand and whispers to you once more, "Shh...Do not be afraid darling...I promise this won't hurt".

You feel your body grow colder and colder, and watch in horror as your shadow begins taking on a form fit for a monster.

Eyes glowing yellow, teeth sharp as knives and black tendrils sprouting from its back! It begins to snarl and growl, as a grotesque nightmarish smile spreads across its face. Your body begins feeling numb, and look in horror as the tendrils begin to wrap slowly around you.

Try as you might to fight back, your body refuses to do anything. You are helpless as you feel yourself being wrapped up by pure darkness. You look into the eyes of the monster before you, and try to scream, but now, even your voice fails you. As you feel yourself being pulled closer and closer towards your beast shadow, your eyes grow heavy. As they close, you can hear your heart beat rapidly. "Is this it?" You wonder. "I can't move...I'm going to die...this is how it is all going to end..."

As you feel yourself drift away, you shoot your eyes open and leap from your bed, screaming at the top of your lungs, tears streaming down your face. You look around your room, terrified. You try to find the monster, but soon realize it is not there. You look out your window and see the early hours of morning. More confused than scared now, you go to sit on your bed, trying to figure out what had happened. You turn on the TV, and are greeted by morning cartoons. "A nightmare" you tell yourself, as you bury your face in your hands, trying to hold back another wave of tears.

After sitting in bed for what feels like hours, you decide it would be best to move on, and start your daily routine. You go to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee. As you turn the corner in the hallway, you feel your heart stop, and quickly cast your gaze to the floor. Your eyes survey every inch of the kitchen, and you let out a sigh of relief when you realize that the broken dish from the night before is gone. "It was just a nightmare..." You tell yourself as you get water for the coffee maker. As you go to the cupboard to get a bag of coffee beans, you realize there is a small blue box, with a red ribbon, sitting in the hallway. "A present?" You ask yourself. "Where did this come from? How did it get here?" You question, as you carefully approach the box. You notice a small card on the box, and read it slowly...

"If we allow the shadows within ourselves to manifest, we will be consumed by darkness. However, as long as there is light, the shadows will run and hide.

Your watchful protector,
The Lightbringer Anon"

*a pink kunai lands at your feet with a note attached:
Roses are red,
Violets are purple,
I'm kinda confused,
Nothing rhymes with purple.

-Valentine Ninja

The air is chilly and you hug your jacket closer to your body as night creeps upon the town. The trees around you lie silent as you trudge down the well-worn path of the park. It is a short cut to your home; you are not worried about dangers especially since the town is a small one. It is old as well and you can tell that by the ancient trees surrounding you. Weeping willows are in full flourish and you pass through many of their hanging green branches. The park is silent save for the sound of crunching dirt as you walk along the path. Fog sits down onto the park causing you to become slightly disoriented. Why, in fact, you could only see a few yards in front of you because of it!

A knock on the trunk of a tree freezes you on the spot. The sound echoes around you...the air becomes considerably colder as if it was once again winter. Paralyzed, you wait. Waiting to hear something. There. Another knock sounds closer by causing you to jump. That eerie feeling of being watched passes over you as you glance around searching for someone. What was that? Ahead of you, the fog twirls around as if someone had just ran by. Your heart beats fast as fear prickles up your spine. Movement in the corner of your eye causes you to whirl to face it. Next to a tree, is a blurred figure. The fog makes it impossible to make out any details, but you can still see their dark form. Like a candle, they flicker between realms before disappearing completely before your eyes.

"What the he-" You begin as you stumble back in surprise. You feel an ice-cold hand touch your neck, but when you quickly turn around you find no one there. Panic races through your veins and you start to run down the path. You get a few yards before you trip headfirst into the ground. For a few seconds, you groan as you lay on the dirt. What...had tripped you? Rolling onto your side, you look back to see what it was. A present? For a second, you think you are hallucinating. Coming closer, you realize that there really is a present. It is slightly banged up from when you tripped on it and you draw it closer to you. A note written in beautiful calligraphy hangs from it and you read:

I apologize for teasing you. Being dead can be so boring at times. Please enjoy

A girl's laugh rings out like a bell as you look up in slow realization. A...a ghost? Present still in hand, you stand up and notice that the feeling of being watched is over. Even the fog seems to have lifted slightly and a light down the path reveals the location of the street. As if in autopilot, you hurry out of the park as your mind is in a whirl with thoughts about what had just happened...

----- Phantom Anon