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Not a Scribe nor Stinographer It's me, Tei, as you guys know. Poet loriette and all that jazz.

Silver Nephil
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Bilal Moments (Liz, Sam, Tobs)
Bilal Moments with Liz

Lex: *sitting cross-legged in front of Bilal's couch, doing homework, chews on eraser*

Bilal: Good evening.

Lex: *jumps, looks up at* Is it evening already? sh*t. *looks outside, looks at watch* It's not even four yet.

Bilal: You are doing it now?

Lex: Doing what now? My homework? *looks back at homework, grins around eraser* No, I'm thinking of French stereotypes just to annoy you. So, do you know any besides oui oui baguettes Eiffel Tower parkour croissants or do those handlebar mustaches actually look good on the darker segments of the Parisian populace?

Bilal: Give or take, they do.

Lex: *rolls eyes* Si'l vous plait, mon ami. Why don't you have one then? *grins more*

Bilal: You think I should?

Lex: That was sarcasm, Monsieur Asselah. I think you've taken too many hits to the head if you can't recognize it anymore. *crawls over to, climbs onto lap* Want me to check?

Bilal: No, I'm fine.

Lex: *rubs head and cheeks* Vraiment? *kisses*

Bilal: Yes--

Lex: *pulls back, looks at* Vraiment?

Bilal: Yes.

Lex: *looks at, leans head into chest* D'accord.

Bilal: *pats back*

Lex: Etes-vous fou? Tu m'en veux? *mentally smacks self for his horrible French, manages to put the sentence right* Etes-vous en colere contre moi?

Bilal: ...Am I angry at you? No.

Lex: *nuzzles under chin* Tout simplement pas d'humeur?

Bilal: Yes.

Lex: *slips into Spanish* Vale. Quieres abrazar en su lugar?

Bilal: *blinks*

Lex: Cuddles instead?

Bilal: All right.

Lex: ...*waits for them*

Bilal: *hugs him*

Lex: *hugs, cuddles, nuzzles, looks up at*

Bilal: *cuddles*

Lex: *smiles, nuzzles into chest, listens to heartbeat*

Bilal: *kisses his head*

Lex: *tilts head back, catches lips*

Bilal: *grins*

Lex: *smiles against lips*

Bilal Moments with Tobi

Bilal: -climbs in through window, hears nothing- ... Skandar--what the f*ck did you do?

Lex: *looks up* Nothing. I'm doing homework.

Bilal: -goes to living room, looks around, goes back down hall- -double checks everything, comes back- This whole time?

Lex: Hey, French is harder than Spanish. For me, anyway.

Bilal: Really? It's not that bad. -takes off mask, flops behind on couch, smiles- It's terrible.

Lex: *laughs* *leans back against* Care to check this over for me then? *holds up paper*

Bilal: And what do I get in return? -takes paper, looks over it- ... I take it back, it's good.

Lex: *grins, looks up at* Un baiser?

Bilal: Hmmm... Nah. Something else.

Lex: Que voulez-vous? *laughs a little*

Bilal: Surprise me? -grins, rubs cheek-

Lex: *smiles, leans head against hand* Vale. *closes eyes*

Bilal: -pulls hand back- Are you done with your homework?

Lex: *almost falls over, splutters* Si, estoy acabado. Erm...oui, je suis fini.

Bilal: -leans over, pecks- Hurry up and finish.

Lex: *pecks back* Solo tengo dos cosas pequenas ahora aun...*nuzzles*

Bilal: -nuzzles, kisses jaw, nips ear- -tugs- Uh huh...-pulls up on to couch, kisses neck, nibbles- ... Think it can wait? -licks apple, sucks-

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