We head toward the door, in the order we were in coming here. Chris leans against the door, wrapping his hand around the door knob,"1....2....3!"
He throws it open, shooting the closest ones. Leon helps him, and we all start running. I feel my head ache creeping back and sigh, it'd be nice without that right now. We get to the street and are met by a military jeep. We pile in quickly, and drive off. The realization of making it through this makes me ignore my head ache. Ferus will have nightmares, but at least we can get through this. The person driving speaks in a low voice,"You can all get some rest now."
The tension seems to fade. Ferus lays up against me and soon falls asleep. I take this time to rest, the others are all mainly asleep now. The warmth of the car makes me realize how tired I am, so I let myself fall asleep.
A swerve from the vehicle makes me wake up. I look out the front window to see something in front of us. It's the size of a large dog and looks like its skin is turned inside out. Chris grabs his gun, shooting at it. It seems to have no effect. The monster sticks out its tongue, sticking it through the heart of our driver. His limbs become limp as our car heads to the left. Chris,"Everyone, get out!"
The people on the right push open the doors and jump. Me, being on the left has to wait for Sherry, then Ferus. Looking to my left, I see that a wall is in view, almost to us and I know I won't make it out on time. I push Ferus out, and feel the wall against me. Then, everything becomes black.