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A Journey Through Cyberspace My travels and tales of the web and my life...a few poems may be included as well...

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Aveyonera, a sprawling world that balances nature and technology in the Realta system. The surface is half covered by salty green seas reaching seemingly unfathomable depths. Two large continents, residing in the northern and southern hemispheres are connected via Land Bridge. Both house large cities and varied creatures.

The Northern Continent, Avaarus, has only one large city but it spans over half the continent and houses the largest spaceport in the solar system.It commonly goes by the name Haven Port, as its local name is quite complex and has a lot of weird symbols in it. Among the many industries and trades, tourism, manufacturing and scientific studies are amon the chief reasons people come to visit. The remnants of the continent consist of mountanious lands scattered with ravines, leaf and needle bearing trees and crater lakes, many of which are a joy to visit in the winter months.. . . . . . . . . . . .

The Land Bridge, also known as The Old Bridge, seperates the two main continents. This flat and arid land plays home to some of the larger beasts of the world. Being called 'Bridge' is a bit of a mis-nomer as it is several hundred kilometers wide and nearly twice as long, being more akin to a continent wedged between the two others. On either side of it lies a stretch of oceanic water who's old name has been lost to time. Most just call it The Straights of Cyan Sand on account of the high content of blue stone minerals that are mixed with the sands, providing its noted blue shades.

The Southern Continent, Vatten, is much more rooted in nature and agriculture, being the home to gentle rolling hills and sprawling farms, though much food is imported from off-world.The northeastern side of this continent , closest to the Land Bridge, is home to the largest city commonly called Petryfied Glenn. Trees long since dead and cast into stone have been carved hollow into stores, offices, and homes. The large leaves, frozen grey in time, cast an eternal darkness over the city, giving way to soft mosses and bioluminescent fungi which cast their warming yellow-green light. Not many tourists venture out this far since elsewise it is a fairly normal place.More common are studiers and scholars of the elemental forces who are attempting to apply scientific methods to these powers in order to understand their workings and make them into a science itself; Essentially they study the science of magic here . . . . . . . . . .

It is on this planet you land after a long flight through space, looking to obtain something new or elswise out of reach. Stepping off a shuttle at the Spaceport , you're instantly engulfed by a crowd of varying shapes, sizes, colors and species...

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