I played someone in a normal match, only to get a hate message from them for beating them... I kindly asked them to refrain from contacting me after I received the message (the message was quite illiterate, childish and rude... borderline harassing). Roughly half an hour later, I was matched against them again in PvP, only to get to the point where I used a Krylyr to get his home portal. This led to causing that individual stop playing, which in effect made the timer have to run out each turn.

So, essentially, this player got mad because I was winning the first game, so much so that they forfeited; Followed by getting so mad in the second game (after their rudeness in a PM and me asking them to no longer contact me) to be completely unsportsmanlike to the extent where they stopped playing... this just shines a bad light on the game and the individual[s] who partake in this behavior.

No, I will not name drop and please, do not do so either.