Hey everyone, thank you for being my friend on Gaia Online on this new account I have made. If you noticed my profile now, I'm not done with it and will update it when I am not lazy and have the time to do so. Also, I may use Gaia mainly just for social purposes, so if I end up bugging you to talk to me, I apologize! Lol...but um...yeah, to be completely honest, I have more fun when I am talking to friends on social media websites than just trying to update my Gaia profile or avatar, so I don't know if I might quit again if I feel really bored and not talking to someone, but please feel free to talk, I am always up for a good chat. Also, feel free to read my journal. I may just post stuff about my life, what I've been up to and maybe even some fun stuff, so I would love it if you read this, but I won't force you to! So anyways, I look forward to starting new again, and I hope I will get the change to get to know my new friends a lot better!