Why was Windows 7 Starter made so evil? I think I finally got my coworker's laptop fixed at last. Ironically the most challenging part was changing the wallpaper. I had to do it from the registry. Why in the world would they not allow normal wallpaper changes on that OS?

Other than that I've been updating my site. I still have a few ideas for it, so more updates are to come. Coding and software repairs are not the same as pixeling so I've been doing all of that in silence, hence why I haven't listened to the new chapters yet and I have 4 stories bookmarked to listen to new chapters. I actually started on one, which I'm listening to right now. I also haven't seen a new Digimon Data Squad episode in 2 days. Aside from webdesign and repairs I've been playing Unchained Blades, as you might have noticed from my recent blog. I'm off tomorrow and the laptop is fixed, so that should give me time to listen to more chapters tomorrow and watch some episodes... and more Unchained Blades! I haven't been this amused with a game in a long time. I liked Final Fantasy IV and IX but I needed a variation from the FF style... though Nobuo Uematsu is still involved.

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February 10 - Rainbow Paw Fox (request) http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Paw-Fox-request-353569944

February 11 - Added a find the differences game to Starlight. http://piratesboard.net/mikari/index.php

February 11 - Star Donut (photo) http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Star-Donut-353785881

February 12 - Added another find the differences pixel pair to Starlight. http://piratesboard.net/mikari/index.php