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Grace was the only heiress to the Ai Clan, and daughter to Jakob Ai. A well known mobster through out the city of Heaven. Jakob even being a hard core mobster as he is keeps the city in one piece and making sure no harm comes to anyone. Of course he has his way if things get out of hand.

Now his daughter Grace has come of age when she needs to find a man in her life that would take care of her when the time comes and Jakob is no longer living. He ordered a through out check up on various men that would be perfect for his lovely daughter. Unfortunately, not all the choices were perfect for Grace. She made that clear to each and every one of them.

Grace smiled and spoke in a soft but harsh tone, "You disgust me, and I'm not interested, so leave my sight." She said to the 12th guy her father had choose for her. The man watching over her; Buck, sighed heavily hating what was coming next. He took his cell and called Jakob, "Boss. Another dud." He said knowing Jakob was not thrilled about the out coming. "Bring her home. NOW!" He ordered. Buck sighed again as Jakob hang up on him and he turned to look at Grace, "Grace..." But was interrupted. "I know Buck, but I'm done for tonight. Tell father I will talk to him tomorrow. Please take me home," She ordered standing up gracefully and snapped her fingers to the waiter. "The bill is on him," She pointed to her blind date walking away from him. "WHAT!? I am not paying! Just because your the daughter of that fat man! I refuse!" He shouted at her as he got up grabbing her wrist tightly. Grace looked at his hand and raised her head to the man. "Release my hand if you know what's good for you," She spoke out in a cold tone. Then man smirked at her, but then he froze as he felt something at the back of his head. He gulped, and turned slowly to see a gun pointed at him. The gun was looking at him directly at the man's eye. Fear hit him and released her wrist, "Apologize to Lady Ai you worm!" Buck glared at the man. "Now Buck no need for hostilities. Let us go," She ordered calmly and turned to the owner, "Ciao Francis! Dinner was delicious as usual," She said as the doors were open for her with Buck closely behind her.

Soon the limo arrived and Buck open the door for her. "My lady," He said bowing to her. "Thank you Buck," She entered her car and as Buck entered the driver seat she spoke once again, "Home Buck." Buck nodded his head and drove. As Buck drove them home Grace let out a heavy sigh knowing her father was going to have a fit and argue with her. She looked at her reflection on the car window and glared, *When will father learn that these 'men' he's chosen for me don't cut it! If I marry any of these damn fools it be the end of the Ai Clan family! I have to continue on my search for the perfect husband. I can't just give the position of heir to just anyone!* She clutched her hands into fists as she bang the door vowing she'd fine a true man to lead her family. *He's got to be out there somewhere. I know he is I can feel it!* She thought to herself praying she'd fine the true man of her dreams.

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