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I was very timid when I was a child, and as much as I wanted to make friends no one wanted to hang around hme. I was always the loner in class and was always teased cause I was always so quiet. I would hide from the kids from school and ate lunch by myself all the time. Even though I ate alone sometimes they'd come towards me just for the fun of it and bullied me. I didn't want to cause mom any trouble, so I always kept my mouth quiet. I was good at that. Until one day after school I was walking home, and I was chased in to a public playground. I had stood up to them, but I was pushed into a mud puddle. I didn't know what to do, but cry. Until he came; my hero and protector. As I looked up at him amazed how he took care of those guys he turned to me and smirked, "They won't be bothering you anymore, so no more crying, kay!" I was so happy I couldn't stop crying, but I smile back at him nodding my head. Ever since then I was always by his side and we became the great of friends.

Now 10 years have past and Sakura has grown up into a beauty. Which made a few of the boys that bullied her before feel stupid for bullying her when they were younger. She was liked by everyone, and a good percentage of them were boys. They have always asked her out, or confessed their love to her, but, "No thank you. Your not my type. I'm sorry." She would reply to them breaking their hearts. You see the only one she had eyes for was the only one who was always there for her when she needed someone the most. Her hero and child hood friend. However, there was a problem. They've been the best of friends, and he treated her like if she were his little sister. Of course for Sakura she hoped there was more than friendship, but if she told him her feelings what would he do? She didn't want to ruin their friendship because of it. She sighed. Ah~ a life of a young teen in love.

Her dearest friend was a year older then her, and a grade higher than her as well. She always came to his classroom and waved to him bringing him lunch. Though when she came to visit him her heart would sink when she'd see a girl's swarming around him. She put on a facade and smiled. It was all she could do. It was always the same thing every single day at school. It was unbearable. If only she could tell him.

Sakura was walking into his classroom bringing his usual lunch, and yet again there they were. Sakura controlled herself and walked in with a smile, "Hey! Got your lunch!" She walked towards him wedging herself in between the bitches and him. "Here you go!" She smiled. The other girls glared down at her but grasped their arms basically pressing their breasts against his arms which made Sakura boil! *Cool it Sakura. He does not care about them. They're just sluts!* She cursed at them in her mind. "You know Valentine's Day is just around the corner," One of the girls mentioned getting everybody talking about it. Valentine's Day. How much she loathed it, and pouted in her mind. She always wanted to spent it with him, but as much as she knew him he personally didn't care for it. He even skipped school so he doesn't have to deal with these idiot bimbos. Sakura didn't even realize when so many of the girls started to surround them that she was basically drowning. "Ah!" She squeezed out and panted heavily scared. One of the guys had help her out of them mess, "T-Thanks. They just get scarier every year." She said under her breath. "Yeah, and more now that he's graduating this year too," He chuckled joining in the mob of beauties. Sakura's face fell, *His last year. Ugh~* She looked at her friend one last time before heading out of the classroom. *I have to tell him,* She convinced herself. "Valentine's Day huh?" She said to herself with a smile.

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