Day 14, Gratitude

A long time has passed since my work began. Day in and day out I work without fail, whether I want to or not. Even when I'm sick and exhausted I work, but that's just how life is. My only goal is to get done, my only focus is on my work. Both things seem hopeless as more and more is constantly piled on me and there is no end in sight. What I have gotten done is never noticed, no matter how hard I work or how well it is done. Even perfection is not enough to be noticed, but I keep going no matter what. The work gets harder and harder as I go, constantly becoming more complicated and exhausting. But that is just life, it's how it should be. Working whether or not you get the recognition that is what I was taught and that is what I will do. Their gratitude doesn't really matter as long as you know what you are going is everything you can. Some day it will pay off, some day you will receive the gratitude you deserve. Sometimes, though, it isn't always from the people who should tell you but it will always come to you. There is always someone grateful for the great things you do, even when you don't see or hear them. And I will always work hard for them, those who are grateful that I will never hear or see.