Over the many year so many people have helped me. I have been a user since 2005, and many have come and gone. I am very lucky to have had so much help, and gain so many friendships.
This is just a small thank you to everyone.

This includes my older account that had gotten hacked!

List of donators
(thankies) =D

&3-DerangedxCandyxNinja -gold
&33-faithfulflawless.x0- many things
&3-ShadowRaven13- gold
&33-Kurisu Kamikaze- gold
&3-destro488- neck lace
&33-shadowpunk360- gold
&3-staffa [or albanianboy]- earings pluse some
&33-sexy.sweet.girl.xo- gold
&3-denny11 [now the toad11]- gold
&33-XDkelsie- cans
&3-Captain Bri Sparrow-cans
&33-.T.O.N.N.- cans
&3- CoCoLee- gold
&33-Zeromis [now Spearix]- clothing
&3-Capn Dammit- gold pluse
&33-Butcher Bill (donating stories and tried to help me) :]]
&3- Infidel Pickle Making me a dream avi
&33-The-Vampire-Mikhail- giving me TWO kinds of socks :B
&3-sHuGaRLeSs CoOkiE- being a big help for getting an item I wanted, and making me a dream avi
&33-Riu Riu- making me avi art :B and promise ring&3
&3-Immobile demonic anklets
&33-Your-Little-Bun-Bun winter fox mink and goldz
&3-Great Gazoo-cloud
&33- shredder Xavier- goldz
&3- ryan for selling his jacket to get me grunny slippers and for giving me gold
&3 Pimp- gold for my bear pjs and Picy of me and him
&33 Tau Hero helping me with bear pjs
&3Wrath 13 [daisy, stocking, Egyptian Gold Armlet x2] tooth brush, towel
&33 ~[lord_rai]~ earrings, gold,winter rose, and flowers : D
&3x RoyGBiv x for the 500K thank you :]
&33 Tyge for roses :]
&3 Amaniett- balloon
&33 x_hotdot_x -scarf
&3 Skiies a OMG box &33
&33 Touch my plastic boobs [Jeffree Star xD] -mole
&333 Gummy for Joker hat and KIKI kitty, bone helm
&33 kilikun for helping me with tickets and and sitting and talking to me threw it and making it
&3 toshiro_akamar- giving me gold
&33 Xlll_Blades_IIIX for 3K
&3 pharii 1Kish
&33Pricanerd heartstring
&33 AngelicPuss for the bottle 6th gen [eee &3]
&3Ipod gamer -masterpieces
&33 Klingen Wolfinheizer 2K woo woo : D
&3 Mali-art
&33 Iich- Unicorn
&3Toad- maid dress, coon, Gen3 item, Santa, +more C;-
Tektek avi
&33 Nick IV- Night Jewel
&33 andii- 15K
&3 random person [sorry forgot name ;~;]- Ponzu panda
&33 rqpe [retqrd]- 40K
&3 I are captain toast- 15K
&33 Helios- Gold & Items
&3 project terror- cake item and being my v-tine (made me so happy)
&3 Malhal a wonderful vest! c:
&33 WhatCrap, cute piggy 4laugh
<3 Vagitis for the art work!

if I have yet to put you up let me know plz D;
Thank you &3 much love.