Another ebook from OveractiveInk about Ashlad's Adventures.

gaia_star Ashlad and His Good Helpers

Ashlad and his brothers set out in the forest to attempt to build a ship that travels as fast by land as by sea in order to win half the kingdom and the princess. Ashlad faces many challenges created by the King in order to prevent him from winning. He defeats these challenges together with his ‘good helpers’ that he meets along his adventure.

✓ Interactive animated characters
✓ Captivating scenery that immerses you in the story
✓ Tap the characters and animals for fun sound effects!
✓ An original music score brings the story to life
✓ Learn to read with follow-along text as you
listen to the enchanting narration
✓ Optimized for the iPad, also runs on iPhone
✓ HD version for retina display iPads also available!

✭✭ This free version includes the first 18 pages of the story. The full unlocked version of the storybook is available through In-App Purchase for $5.99 ✭✭

You may download it here smile Ashlad and His Good Helpers

Hope you guys would check it out. After all the first 18 pages are just Free smile
Hope to hear your comments too ^^