Ladies and gents, let me show you how to armor your boobs with garbage and a few dollars. The chest armor started with an old bra. Steal your grandma's if you don't have a spare one. Next I took cardboard and cut out a frame. You can dumpster dive for that shizz. I glued the frames and edges directly only the bra with hot glue. I burnt myself 70 times and screamed obscenities at my cat. Next I covered the whole thing in duct tape. Steal this from your dad. He probably pretends to fix things with it. After that I took different kinds of foam and made layers. The white is craft foamies. They come in sheets. Kids use this crap to make unidentifiable objects which their mum will hang on the fridge and call art. The black foam is shelving foam. Your mom or aunt or grandma probably lines her cabinets with it. It prevents dishes and glasses from slipping. It's bumpy and squishy. You can find it at discount stores and stuff or "borrow" it from grandma, like the bra. The added white onto the black foam is fabric puffy paint. People often use this to make tacky tee-shirts that say "Go Team" and other supportive words. You can find that and craft foamies at a craft store. Next I painted the whole thing with spray paint. First black, then silver, and grey... and so on. Took me awhile to be happy with the color and to give it the right effect. The final step was going over details by hand with acrylics. And there you go, your boobs and moobs are ready for battle