Dear Journal,

So much in my life has changed! I'm fast approaching my 22nd birthday, and i don't feel any different then i did three years ago. I'm still the same, goofy yet slightly mature guy i was. Only difference now is that i'm a college boy now, presently i am taking a music class. I like it a lot, but it is very hard. One of my classmates said it was like learning a new language. Boy was he right! I still have no idea what i'll major in yet, but im only a first year student so im not supposed to just yet.

My little sister is very distant now, it is increasingly rare to see her home now. She's 17 so it's understandable, but i fear she is heading down a dark path she will never shake. As for my older sister, she is now with child again. She is going to be due in about 6 months, i've lost track as she is not around as much due to her job. My parents leave me be most times, but i still wish to leave. That is why i am seeking employment, i will save and finally be free of this accursed island.

Also i have met someone, not just anyone mind you. The one. My darling is amazing and wonderful in every way. His name is Brandan, and one day i will marry him. (If he has not tired of me of course.) He is smart, funny, energetic, sweet, very talented, artistic, and as a plus...he's adorable! But on top of all of that, his smile. Oh my goodness how it lights up my whole world. I could loose myself in it, it only appears for a few brief moments, but i plan to put that stunning smile on his face everyday. Something about him and i, just seems to click. I desire no other. <3

There is really no more to tell, until next time,