November 23, 2012.

Hello Sam & Stalkers ! Hehehehee. [;<

Soo, I always wanted to HACK Sammy again. x3 First of all.. Sam & I met at club while playing T or D. He waas so damn funny. xD Ok ok, skipping skipping skipping. [: He is very stoopid, dumb, & s.m.a.r.t. You should really get to know him. ;D

Sammy is; A sweetheart, funny, kind, generous, awesome, and huggable. He can make someone laugh easily & you can never get mad at Sam, because he will make you smile 24-7. Trust me, I know him very, very well. <3

Mkay Mkay, Sam you know that I will always be there for you. Your one of my most best friends ever !<3 I will never forget your a**. x3 You always make me laugh and all that shiiit. I bet any girl in this world would be lucky to have you. ;] Soo, people please dont mess with my stoopid friend. [x

Ok Sam. You know that even though I call you stoopid & dumb I still love you. :3 Your Too~~ awesome to be forgotten. ;D Ok stoopid boy, imma go coz' I have no other words left to say. xP -kicks- xD Until Next time readers !<3