Haaaay ~ Kye Here c: On January 17th 2013 Tew People were brought together on a site called G-A-I-A teheh one was named Sam & the other is Kye , they both are alike but he has a wifey and she is is his best frand c: wOO WOO this is for my bestie Sam <3 Boo OMG i luff yhu sooo much bestie ! you make my days more liveable smilies/icon_biggrin.gif thank you for coming into my life c: and letting me becoming your friend ^^ tteheh but umm do not mess wiff him or elsees i come after chuz understand mkays gewdys baii baii for nowz xoxox Kye Phoo


hola yo soy el bestie,Mi nombre es Kyle.Lo amo tanto!me hace sentir tan impresionante [: If you do not understand that , I have said Hi i am his bestie , my name is Kye & i love him so much , he makes me feel awesome !no te metas con él si te metes con él i te atacará. Do not mess with him ! if you do i will attack you ! SAM IS MINE !! *hugs tight * I love you sam boo [: we will always be besties forevers ! I will never forget you & neither i hope you don't forget meh c: hangsang iwan salang (Love Always Kye In Korean )