I always wanted to say that. Actually, no I haven't. I watched a King of the Hill episode where they kept saying it and now its stuck in my head. Its rather annoying.

Since I'm really hungry while writing this and I need to do the dishes, I will try to make this a short entry.

This past week I did a few things. First, I got to go shopping again, but I didn't run into that woman that helped me out the last time. The store was considerably more crowded than last the last time I was there. I don't do so well in crowds. People kept looking at me weird too cry Second thing I did was get hooked on a video game called "Destroy All Humans 2". It has a gun that shoots a**l probes and another that shoots discs that attach to something then drag it around for a while (car, rock, dumpster, human, tank, pretty much anything that is moveable). My childish side was thrilled. And now I want to find the first game. Third thing I did was clean the kitchen. I hate washing dishes because I have a thing about food that has been put in water or long standing water, but I delt with it and cleaned the kitchen. I'd be proud of me if it weren't such a small feat. If I ever get over my fear of spiders I think I will be proud of myself. And thats about it. Other than waiting anxiously for a package I haven't done anything else that is note worthy.

Wait... I made a thread here on gaia to learn about fanfiction. Most of the replies were helpful. A few minor ones were not. Hopefully I have better experiances with fanficiton from here on out. Maybe even write one. Wait, no, I wouldn't do that. I don't like taking other people's works and using them and possibly getting something wrong. I will just go ahead and attempt to find a continuation of a few of my favorites that have not been continued. If I can't find anything I might break down and write something. I'd probably be too worried about judgement (from people I will never meet for some reason) to ever share it though.