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Stories and junk.
Enjoy, if ya can. c:
The crappy first entry!

Well. This would not turn out good. Not good at all...

Today, I decided to play with that boy again. I didn't really know his name. He wouldn't tell me. But, I still go and talk to him. He's a really nice boy. Although he's a year older than me. But, that doesn't really matter.

As I walked down the halls, I see another inmate struggling in the doctors arms. The poor man has a very odd insanity. He would morph reality. He told me once. That he once had visions of him and his sister in a field, sitting at a picnic table underneath a tree.
He is in his twenty's. But, he still enjoys the company of his younger sister. He told me many times before that I reminded him of her.
It was surprising to hear, considering that I'm a brat most of the time. And that I'm insane. But, I guess I was a sweet person too. Maybe he was speaking of that side of me. The sweet and innocent side.
He would always be planning an escape. He said he would take me with him. But, I doubted that it would work. They never do...

One of the doctors grabbed me by the arm while I was on the way to him. I looked up, seeing the man scowling at me. "Where are you going?" He asked with his deep, angry voice. I looked at him for a moment, trying to guess why I would be in trouble.
"I was just going to see a friend. Am I in trouble?" I ask as innocent as I can be.
The man pulled me over roughly and dragged me back to my room. "You're staying inside of your room today." He told me. I sat on the bed, hugging my legs. "Why?" I mumbled. He looked at me with angry eyes and I didn't bother to ask again.
I sighed deeply and laid down, moaning. He left the room, slamming the door behind him.

A few hours later, I had the window open and the cold winter air coming in. I stuck my hand out, sighing softly. I really wish I could leave like some of the others. Lucky people...
Maybe that boy can take me one day. I really wondered what his name was. I wonder why he wont tell me...

The next morning, I woke up to the noise of Richard crying in the corner. He was the boy I shared a room with. A very nice boy. Only eight years old...
I sat up in bed, frowning. "What's wrong this time?" I ask him and as he looks up at me, I notice a bruise on his cheek. I gasped quietly and ran over to him, wrapping my arms around him. "It'll be okay..." I whispered to him and kissed him on the cheek.
See how evil these people are? They're absolutely horrible.

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